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What To Know About Ducted Evaporative Cooler

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evaporated cooler

Trying to keep the indoor environment comfortable during the sultry summer months is a challenge these days. It is not just only a frustrating task but rather expensive as well. But there are some alternatives available if AC unit is not your cup of tea. You have ducted evaporative cooler for a change, which is also considered to be a healthy, eco-friendly and cost effective alternative to that of the traditional AC systems that you have been working on lately.

Idea Behind Evaporative Cooling:

Before you jump straight into purchasing any such ducted evaporative cooler for your use, it is important to understand the idea of evaporative cooling first. It is noted to be one efficient and inexpensive way for cooling the warehouses and buildings mainly during the summer heat.

  • The use of this form of cooling is subject to vary from cooling the data centers and schools to that of the warehouses, workshops and even factories, to say the least.
  • Even though this form of service might seem to be a modern concept among people, but this kind of evaporative cooling has been around for centuries, with the roots from Ancient Egypt. The Egyptians used to place wet blankets on their doorways during summer months so that the fresh air will blew cold air in. The idea of evaporative cooling is more or less the same.

Going for the Major Types:

Now, before you finally address to purchase ducted evaporative cooler, it is important to learn more about the types of the cooling units in here. There are mainly three options available, and those arte portable units, window or wall unit and ducted units.

  • If you are making some plans to install comprehensive system in house, then ducted unit is the primary choice that is coming to your mind. There are two basic types in here and those are indirect and direct evaporative coolers.
  • The indirect one will pump water through heat exchanger, and then the air will get circulated in unit as it gets cooled by water and then fed right into duct system, and finally cooling the house.
  • But, this form of ducted unit is not the best choice for you if you reside in a dry climate as it will not add any moisture to air. So, it might eventually lower the capacity of the ducted evaporative cooler to cool the home in an efficient manner.
  • Then you have the direct evaporative coolers, which will make proper use of fan. This fan helps in pulling the outside air in through series of pads which will then get wet by water as delivered from smaller pump. This pump is used for pumping water right into tubes, which will then get sprayed or dripped on pads. The water as used by the unit will come from the reservoir that you have to fill with tap water. The water level that is used will be controlled by float valve in reservoir.
  • One new innovative method in the field of ducted evaporative cooler has to be the two stage unit one. It will use the direct and the indirect evaporative cooling systems. At first, the system will cool air using indirect method and then that cold air will pass into second stage. In this stage, the moisture is added to cool the air further through direct method. It provides the system with higher capacity and provides home a comfortable humidity level.

Make sure to go through the units and models of ducted evaporative cooler and finally make the choice you care the most. The final call is always yours.

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