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Why Upgrade the HVAC System in Your Home?

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HVAC system

Because it’s an investment, most homeowners give upgrading their HVAC a considerable amount of thought. As they do, they discover that there are significant benefits to replacing an aging system with a new one. Your reasons may be any one of these common replacement triggers.

Save on Energy Costs

An HVAC system will lower your energy bills. As HVAC system run, they tend to lose energy efficiency, especially if you don’t change the air filter routinely. Depending on the age of your old system, the new replacement may have a higher energy rating, as well. The minimum efficiency standards in the U.S. Changed in 2015. Although furnace ratings stayed the same, cooling systems saw significant increases in efficiency requirements.

Increase Dependability

Although it’s possible for new HVAC systems to break down, the odds are against it. It’s far more likely that an older HVAC system will have far more breakdowns than a new one. Sometimes older HVAC systems aren’t repairable, or you may learn from your contractor that the cost of fixing it exceeds its value.

Add Value to the Home

When you upgrade your HVAC system, you can also look forward to a manufacturer’s warranty that will cover parts and labor, which gives you financial protection from unforeseen system problems. Some of these warranties are transferrable to new owners should you sell the home while the warranty is still active. Nearly everyone in the market for a new home wants to find one that’s energy efficient.

Improve Comfort

Since HVAC systems are the biggest energy users in residential homes and most expensive appliance, upgrading your HVAC system will make your home more attractive to people in the market. It will probably raise the value and shorten the number of days it sits on the market. Replacing an aging HVAC system with a new one will likely increase comfort. A reputable contractor will size the system carefully so that it runs long enough in a cycle to evenly distribute the conditioned air. The installation crew will seal any ductwork leaks or adjust the size of the ducts to the new equipment.

Your HVAC system is central to the comfort your home gives you, and is a component that contributes to its value. An upgrade only helps both, and gives you long term dependability.

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Some companies, like Arizona Refrigeration Service Inc., know that the older it gets, the less likely that parts will be readily available and you may find yourself waiting for parts for a repair.

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