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Hot & Cold: 4 Tips for Solving Your Home’s Air Circulation Issues

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air circulation

Since many people spend a big portion of their time inside their house, domestic air circulation is an important health concern that impacts everyone. Maintaining good airflow also improves the efficacy of the HVAC system, as it encourages conditioned air to move through the appropriate living spaces quickly. Homeowners can try a variety of strategies to improve their home’s air circulation, some of which have minimal installation and maintenance costs. Here are some tips for your consideration.

Change the Filters

There are many types of home maintenance that can be put off to a later date without serious consequences, but changing air filters is not one of them. Disposable filters catch dust, hair and other debris before it can enter the HVAC ducts. Depending on the system and type of filter, they need to be changed out periodically throughout the year. Homeowners should always check their filters when having an air circulation issue and swap them out to keep their indoor air quality at safe levels.

Get a Professional Checkup

A recent decline in air circulation could indicate a problem with the HVAC system itself, including potential power faults or mechanical issues. Licensed and bonded HVAC repair services, like A&E Heating & Air Conditioning, use advanced diagnostic equipment to identify problems throughout the system. HVAC repairs and maintenance are rarely suitable for a do-it-yourself project, and failing to use a licensed technician could void warranties or other protection plans.

Add New Ducts or Fans

Depending on the layout of the home and the HVAC system, homeowners can mitigate some of their air circulation issues by adding new ducts or fans. Many types of ceiling fan can either push or draw air, so owners should take advantage of these features. Opening up living spaces to create a more open floor plan can also ease some of the challenges of domestic air circulation.

Upgrade HVAC System or Components

In some cases, an old or outdated HVAC system is to blame for poor air circulation inside the home. Aging equipment or increase in demands, like building an addition to the home, can both contribute to this problem. Installing a new HVAC system may come with higher upfront costs, but a more efficient system can also seriously cut down on maintenance and operating expenses over time.

Unless there’s a glaring problem with the HVAC system or ducts, then there is no single solution that completely solves circulation problems. However, homeowners who want something more permanent than just cracking the windows do have several options to consider. Keeping HVAC equipment in good shape is essential in any case, so homeowners should always take care of their system and schedule routine maintenance according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

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