5 Factors to Consider While Investing in Air Conditioner for your Home

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Now air conditioner has become an essential thing for every household, and people intend to install some ducted and central air conditioners in their house to get the relief from the hottest seasons.  Available in various categories ranging from the conventional window to the more efficient split and tower, air conditioners have changed and evolved over the years and become more efficient.

If you are moving to a new house or renovating your original one, it becomes more vital to make a conscious decision for the new air conditioning system in your house. Before installing the air conditioner, you need to enhance the power capacity of your house and you have to install some external brackets to fix the outdoor unit also. So, it is suggested to calculate the installation cost before you purchase the air conditioner, and always pick the best air conditioner model which will save the power consumption cost in future.

Important Features of Optimal Air Conditioners

While the features of a house play a role in the type of AC unit to invest in, the features of air conditioners also determine the kind of unit that suits your house. These factors include the following:

#1. Cooling Capacity:
The primary factor is the capacity of the air conditioning unit to cool your house. You can choose a unit of a high or lower capacity depending on the area of the house or particular room where you want to install the unit as well as the climate of the region. If you have small bed rooms then you can choose some low capacity air conditioner for the same. Else for your drawings rooms and lobby, you have to choose some large capacity ducted air conditioners only.

#2. Energy Efficiency:
Since air conditioners fall in the category of appliances that consume huge amount of power, one should choose a unit that has high star ratings. These star ratings determine the energy efficiency of the unit and the amount of electricity consumed by them. Thus, choose an AC that has preferably five star rating and delivers optimal cooling.

#3. Warrantee:
Another vital factor is to check for the warrantee provided by the supplier on the air conditioner unit. Before making the investment, make sure the unit offers at least a 1-year full unit warrantee that includes the working parts. Apart from that, you should check the free servicing period from the manufacturer and you must avail this facility as early as possible.

#4. Additional Features:
Other than the cooling facilities, you can also consider systems that offer additional provision of auto humidity control, auto climate control, and heat pumping feature. This way, the unit can be useful and act functional during winters and humid months as well.

#5. Installation Needs:
Every type and style of air conditioning unit has their own installation methods and requirements. In case you are getting a window AC, measure the size of the window of your room to get the right size of the AC unit. Also, choose the spot of installation depending on the provision of number of grills and direction in which it directs the air flow. Some ACs requires some specific wiring and metal shell for installation as well. You can choose reputed air conditioning installers to do these tasks and they will do the same at a very affordable cost.

Since the cooling and heating facility is a long-term investment in a house, it is important to carry out extensive research on the types of units available and while would best suit your requirements. You can your from friends and take leads of reputable suppliers around family or carry out research online and shortlist the most optimal ones according to your budget.

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