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4 Extras that Attract Home Buyers When it’s Time to Move

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When it is time, to move, no one wants to wait any longer than necessary to sell their home. A quick sale and a decent profit are the reason it is so important to make your home attractive to buyers. Here are extras that captivate home buyers.

De-clutter and Make it Shine

While it sounds like a no-brainer, you might be surprised how many forget the obvious. Buyers like an open floor plan that speaks to space. So even if you are not willing to knock out a wall, it is time to pack up the glass figurine collection and store excess furniture, such as multiple curio cabinets, extra chairs, and those wall-to-wall bookshelves that you intend to take with you. A good cleaning and carpet shampoo will also make your home feel less claustrophobic. The end goal is to make the rooms look larger without feeling empty, so you may want to depend on a real estate professional to help you stage the home for optimal appeal.

Environmentally-Friendly Features

Environmentally-friendly features are a hot topic with buyers. While rebuilding your home from the ground up with environmentally friendly materials is impractical, replacing single-pane windows with multi-pane, energy efficient windows will likely pay for themselves in the resell value. Other steps you can take are installing dual-flush toilets and low-flow faucets. If you are replacing the deck anyway, consider using composite decking materials made of recycled wood mixed with plastic. Composite decking is low maintenance and designed for durability. Point out any energy efficient appliances that are included in the sale of the home as well is if the water heater and heating and air units are energy efficient models.

Install a Hot Tub

Consider installing a luxury item, such as a hot tub. For instance, hot tubs in Reno, or in other areas, score high points with buyers, particularly in upper middle-class to high-end homes in northern climates. Even if the hot tub does not substantially increase the value of your home, it will increase the interest in your home, and the more people interested, the better your chance of selling quickly and at the right price.

Curb Appeal

If the outside of the house is unattractive, it is logical that a buyer is more apt to drive away than go inside. Walk across the street from your home and take an objective look at it. Beyond keeping the lawn mowed, consider what else needs to be done to make your home look inviting. Trim hedges, clean weeds and debris out of the flower beds, reseed the lawn, clean the windows and screens, and get rid of any dead tree limbs that need cut back. Decks and trim may need painted, and the siding may benefit from a power spray. Having a cracked driveway resealed will go a long way toward making the home more attractive to buyers.

Light it Up

Light is important in making any home look more attractive, but it is especially important for small spaces. Light makes rooms look bigger, fresher, and more inviting. During showings, make sure the blinds are open and the buyer has plenty of light. If time and budget allows, go that extra step by repainting dark rooms a neutral color. While you are at it, look at the light fixtures. Out of date light fixtures may lead the buyer to think that you have not done a lot to maintain the home. An easy remedy is to replace ancient fixtures and globes with something more modern. You may want to bring in extra lamps or add under cabinet lighting in the bathroom and kitchen as well.

Making your home more attractive to buyers is often as simple as making it look more inviting combined with replacing features that give the home a dated feel. Spend your money on curb appeal, making the home look fresh and spacious, and highlight those features that are high on every buyer’s wish list. The effort spent may pay off by attracting a buyer quickly and closing at a higher value than you thought possible.

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