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Moved to Suburbia? Exterior Design Tips to Give Your House an Edge Over the Neighbors

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More people have been moving to the suburbs each year than the year before since 2011. Realtors say that there is no end to this trend in sight. If you have joined the throngs leaving the city, then you may be thinking of ways that you can spruce up the exterior of your home so that it will become the highlight of the neighborhood. Here is what you should consider.

Design Your Entryway Carefully

Your entryway is often the first thing that someone notices when they come to your home, so spend some time designing it. If it is big enough, then you may want to put some chairs out there in a welcoming pattern. Use plants in pots to bring color to the area. Paint your exterior door a complementary color when compared to the rest of your home. Consider installing a fashionable wreath or other door decoration around holidays.

Complete Landscaping Projects

Use perennials to add color to your landscaping. Seek out those that grow naturally in the area as they are generally lower maintenance. Consider creating theme gardens with a focal point within each one. Contemplate adding an adjustable irrigation system so that everything looks perfectly watered. Think about using stepping stones or other materials to create paths so that people can move freely from one area to another.

Build a Pool

A fabulous pool may also make your neighbors envious. Think about choosing a location that can easily be seen from the street while meeting your privacy needs. Incorporate a fountain or other eye-catching design feature in the middle. Make sure, however, to keep everyone safe by installing a fence around the pool while leaving it visible from the street for curb appeal effect.

Design an Outdoor Kitchen

An outdoor kitchen would look great right next to a pool and would definitely make you the envy of the neighborhood. Smokers, wood-burning pizza ovens, grills and fire pits are just some of the elements that you may want to incorporate. Contemplate how you will get plumbing and electricity to your chosen location in an attractive manner. Especially if young children will be present, think about how you will position each item to ensure that everyone stays safe.

Now that you have made the move to the suburbs, use these ideas to start your own thinking on how to make your neighbors envious of your property. While you will want an overall idea, you may choose to install it a little at a time.

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