Know More About Types and Benefits of Air Conditioners

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When summer approaches, the first thing that comes to mind is to beat the heat in different ways. This is the time when energy bills sky rocket for any homeowner. There are many homes where central air conditioner is preferred. But it is not at all an affordable option. There are many other types of air conditioners that will actually suit your needs in a limited cost.

The air conditioners work under a process of removing heat from a confined space. It keeps the space cool and removes moisture and humidity. It can be used in both residential and commercial environments. The main thing that is achieved is that it creates a very comfortable environment.

The air conditioners usually use fans that will distribute the conditioner air wherever necessary. This will improve the thermal comfort and the indoor air quality.

Different Types of Air Conditioners

1. Central Air Conditioner

  • The central air conditioners keep your house cool and increase and are used to increase the comfort in the house. Those houses that use this type of air conditioning use a split system. The cool air circulates through ductwork. The split system means that it is composed of two primary units. There is an outdoor component that houses both the condenser and the compressor. The indoor component on the other hand composes the evaporator coils and the air handler.
  • The central air conditioning system usually uses refrigerant to remove the heat. The hot air that circulates inside the house is discharged through ducts and vents. The central air conditioners are beneficial as they are connected to the duct network. This creates a cool environment in the entire house instead of individual sections or rooms.

2. Ductless Mini Split Air Conditioner

  • You will be the happiest person if you live in the hot and humid climate places. There is another option and that is ductless mini split. It is almost similar to standard central air conditioners. But it operates very efficiently and quietly. The system works with the compressor that is installed outdoors.
  • The air handlers are installed indoors. These are all connected to the compressor with those lines that contain refrigerant as well as drainage tubes and power cables. I the indoors the air handlers have their own thermostats. This can control the climate individually for each and every space.
  • The mini splits can usually accommodate into only four air handlers that are connected to only one outdoor. The ductless mini splits are extremely energy efficient as compared to the ducted systems. There is no loss of energy in ductwork as heat travels into the spaces that have to be cooled. There are many benefits with this system like it is easy to make it a new addition to the homes.

3. Window Air Conditioner

  • An individual temperature zone is created as the air handler has a designed thermostat. It can also be added to those homes that have no existing ductwork. The window air conditioners are a good option for any homeowner. The main advantage is that these air conditioners are of very low cost. They are extremely energy efficient and the only cooling system that will truly maximize your energy savings.
  • The other benefit is that it is easy to install. The process might differ as the model of the AC. The process is rather straightforward and can be easily accomplished. The installation is done by following the step by step directions.

4. Ductless Air Conditioner

Finally, the advantage is that it does not take any floor space. This can therefore be used even if you are living in tiny house. The ductless air conditioners also give the same benefit as the other air conditioners.

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