Various Types of Useful Heating and Cooling Systems

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The buildings need proper heating during winters and cooling during the summers to keep the company staffs and the customers comfortable while working within the organization. Normally, people think that the large-scale heating and cooling systems must be very complicated in nature. Nowadays, different types of simpler systems are available in the market that are easy to install and operate. However, all these cooling or heating systems need to be more powerful for affecting a huge amount of space in the cost effective manner.

Varieties Of Heating And Cooling Systems Are Available For Buildings:

  • Split AC – The split air conditioner is the one of the most common and popular heating and cooling systems that is widely used in many buildings. This AC system is comprises two air conditioning units, containing the fan or evaporator coil within the outdoor unit and the humidifier placed within the indoor unit, copper tubes, temperature controller, or thermostat. Most of the shops and small offices prefer to install this type of AC only, due to its cost effective nature.
  • Multiple Split AC – Larger buildings need to be heated or cooled by the multi-split air conditioning system, where numbers of indoor units can be connected to a single outdoor unit. Thus, saving costs of the installation and maintenance. This type of cooling system is common in the large restaurants and clinics, where numbers of individual cubicles are cooled or heated uniformly, at a time.
  • VRF AC – As VRF means Variable Refrigerant Flow, this type of air conditioning system is more popular in all huge buildings, like in 5-star hotels, shopping malls, or in huge official complexes. There are two types of operating units found in this VRF heating or cooling system, namely the heat pump and heat recovery. The heat pump type is designed to provide heating or cooling effects to a building whenever needed. The heat recovery type of cooling system is more cost efficient for the companies, as all the wasted heat is recovered by this system and used for cooling the rooms. Thus, reducing the amount of energy used in the process. Moreover, the heat recovery system allows cooling one room, while heating up the other room, if required by the people working inside.
  • Hybrid split AC – This type of split AC is more energy efficient than the other common types, as it enables the heating and cooling effects simultaneously, by the induction of a gas furnace, if needed. However, normally, it contains a heat pump, air conditioner unit, necessary ducts, evaporator coil, and thermostat. Many companies prefer this type of AC due to the feature of saving more money.
  • Duct-free split AC – If it is difficult to install the ducts through the walls of the offices, then the companies favour this duct-free type of split AC. This type of air conditioner consists of a compact fan coil, thermostat, refrigerant tubes, and wires, heat pump, and air conditioning unit.
  • Packaged AC – In a few large buildings, the packaged air conditioning systems are installed, containing several individual air conditioners for cooling various parts of the offices. However, this type of AC demands more energy. Thus, increased the utility bill to be paid by the companies.

Though, generally, electric power is used for operation these air conditioning systems. Now, many companies are opting for other sources of energy, as solar power and natural gases are used. The heat pumps, water-based or oil-based heating systems, can also create the heating effects as well.

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