Polished Laminate Flooring – Get the Shine Back

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Laminate floors have become a favorite choice for many people considering its durability, variety in choices and affordable price. Low maintenance is another important factor that many take into consideration when purchasing laminate floors. However, laminate floors lose their shine over a period of time. Laminate floors are known to be difficult to mop and you cannot wax it or use soap solutions on it. So how can you get back the original shine that you enjoyed and cherished?

Here are some steps to help you out get the polished laminate flooring shine back:

step1: Remove Dust and Visible Dirt

The first step is to prepare the flooring. Remove any dust, hair or other dirt that is visible on the floor. Also, clean underneath the furniture and other items in the room. Do not use a traditional broom for this purpose because it leaves a lot of dust particles rather than remove it. These particles would then spread throughout the room leaving streaks and marks once you mop the floor. Therefore, use a dry mop or a vacuum cleaner on hard floor to remove the dust and dirt in a proper way.

step2: Mop the Floor

Once the floor is clean of dirt, use a laminate floor cleaner from the market or prepare one for your-self at home to mop the laminate floor. There are many expensive brands out there and people tend to spend a lot on laminate floor cleaners. However, in most cases even the cheaper ones can do a good job similar to the expensive ones. Alternately, you can prepare your own laminate floor cleaner with vinegar. Mix a gallon of water with one cup of distilled white vinegar and use it to mop the laminate floor with a soft mop. Try avoiding solutions that have soap in them since this can further make the laminate floor dull.

step3: A Second Round of Mopping

For second round of mopping the floor you can use bucket of warm water to mop the floor once again. This will help you remove any vinegar odor and ensure that there is no unwanted build up on the floor. Ensure that you do not leave too much water in the mop in both rounds of moping. Excess water will only seep through the laminate floor and damage it. Next, use a dry cloth to dry the floor of any excess water.

step4: Shine the Floor

Now that the floor is clean and dry, use a laminate floor polish in order to provide original shine to your laminate floor. Shake the polish well and spray some on the floor starting from the edges to the center of the room. Use a cloth or a mop to spread it evenly throughout the laminate floor. Let the first coat dry and then apply a second coat to the laminate floor polish to get a good shine. For best results leave it for 24 hours to dry and really sink in.

step5: Maintain the Shine

Now that you have a good looking, polished and shining laminate flooring, maintain it! Ensure that no water spillages are left for the floor to absorb. Have mats outside the home so that dirt is left outside where they are supposed to be. You can even apply a no-shoes rule in the house if you want to make sure that there are no scratches on the flooring. Maintaining the shine of your laminate flooring is no more difficult these days!

Implement these steps and get back the shine of your laminate flooring in your home!

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