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Updating Your Home? 4 Ways to Manage the Cleanup

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home cleanup

Home renovation projects often lead to a lot of mess in other areas of your home. The task of cleaning up after the fact can be daunting if you don’t have a plan in place. Here are some tips that you can use that will help make the cleanup process more manageable.

Create Zones

Once you start renovating your home, it can be tempting to try to tackle other projects while you’re making a mess. This can make the overall updating of your home easier to manage, but it can drag out the cleaning process. Renovate in stages and cleanup as you go so that you aren’t left with a giant mess at the end of the project. For example, budget the last hour of each work day to clearing away the debris. Another benefit is that you’ll be able to get back to it quicker the next day.

Invest in Sheeting

Seal off the areas of your home where work isn’t currently being done. Plastic sheeting and painter’s tape works really well for this task. If you need to traverse to other areas of your home during renovation, create a staging area. This will allow you to remove the dirt and debris from your clothing in between rooms so that you don’t track the mess throughout the rest of your home.

Use a Service

The amount of debris that can be generated with a simple renovation project can boggle your mind. Use local junk removal & hauling services so that you can clear out the mess without having to worry about it taking up space around the outside of your home. Another solution is to have a dumpster delivered so that you can remove the debris into this area and keep it out of your way while you’re trying to tackle your renovation project.

Work from the Top Downward

Once the renovation has been completed, there will be dust that accumulates around your home. Start from the top of the room and the neighboring rooms and work your way down. For example, a mop or a dusting tool can be utilized in order to knock down the dust that’s collected on your walls and trim. Another thing to consider is having your HVAC system cleaned following a major renovation project. Debris can be caught in your ducting and leave you chasing that dust for months after your project is done.

Managing your post-renovation cleanup doesn’t need to be a chore that consumes all of your free time. Use these tips so that you can get a handle on it.

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