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4 Ways An Electrician Can Help Improve Your Home During a Remodel

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When we take on a remodeling project, we’re typically looking at the cosmetic or functional side. We want to update the look of a space, or we are trying to get new appliances or fixtures in place. During this process, though, it can be very beneficial to do some electrical work as well. Here are four ways you can improve your home with some electrical work during the remodeling process.

Upgraded Capacity

As you remodel and your house gets bigger, you will likely have higher electrical demands in your home. The result can be tripped breakers or even more serious problems. While the walls are open and the cost is lower, a renovation is a great time to have additional circuits run, an upgraded service installed, or other helpful upgrades made to provide more capacity for the electrical demands in your home. This is especially true of older homes.

Replacement of Worn & Outdated Components

Speaking of older homes, electrical components can finally get too old. They can be more likely to arc or short out, or they may simply just quit working. The risks range from damaged electrical gear all the way up to a fire. While you’re taking care of other things, have a good electrician inspect the electrical items that are involved and replace those that have outlived their usefulness.

Additional Outlets

One of the great enemies of safety in the home is extension cords. They get worn from being stepped on, or they get tripped over, or they simply go too far and overheat. Adding new receptacles during a renovation can improve safety while making it much easier to place things in your home. Once again, older homes may be a little short in this area, so a renovation with extra electrical capacity just makes sense.

Better Lighting

Almost every renovation includes upgraded light fixtures, and many include new light fixtures. During your renovation project, you can put in well-positioned lights that will improve security, increase safety, and make daily functions like cooking or reading much easier and more pleasant. Just make sure to work with an electrician to confirm that your system can handle the new lights, and that they have been installed correctly.

A home renovation is a big undertaking. The mess, expense, and stress often make us want to wrap it up as quickly as possible, but don’t let that urgency cause you to skim over electrical work. Your home needs to function properly and safely, and no amount of style or beauty can make up for that.

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