Organization Tips for Moving into Your First Home

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Moving into a new home can be intimidating the first time around. There are tons of boxes to unpack and furniture to move. You feel like your whole life is in disarray. But if you take things step by step, then you can easily get your home organized in a short time while still being comfortable. Here are some easy organization tips for getting your new house into working order a lot faster.

Making the Move

Be sure on route to the new place you are prepared as well as for when you get there. This means loading the trucks right, making sure all drivers have the right route to get there, and that they will arrive in the right order. If possible, get travelers or truck insurance to protect all your belongings during the move.


The first thing that you need to do before unpacking anything is to clean. Sweep, mop, vacuum and make sure all the cabinets are clean before you add your items to the rooms. This will give you a sense that the house is new and really yours instead of one that is being rented. If the home is new, then cleaning will get rid of the particles that are left behind from installing everything in the home and doing the painting and other work. Be sure to go over every surface with anti-bacterial wipes as well.


After everything is cleaned, you will want to set up the bedrooms. Even if it’s just the mattresses until you have the rest of the house in order, it’s important for everyone to have somewhere to sleep, especially after a long day of packing and moving boxes and furniture. Make sure you put sheets and a blanket or two on the beds so that everyone is comfortable.

All Necessary Items

One of the first things you want to do as soon as you’re ready to start organizing and unpacking is to get the necessities where they should go, such as the items that go in the refrigerator and cabinets. Start with the kitchen as you will need to cook at some point, soon after moving into the home, then move to the bathroom as you need to have a way to brush your teeth and have the items that are needed to take a shower. Make sure you also have a backpack full of these necessary, overnight supplies so you aren’t left to tear through boxes once night comes.


Among the last chores you should do when you move into your home is to put your clothes in their proper places. hang up the clothing that goes in the closet so there aren’t any wrinkles before putting the items in the drawers. This is a task that will help you to see if you need to get rid of any clothes that you no longer need, or if you might need more clothing because you’ve outgrown some.

When you move to a new home, you want the process to be as smooth as possible. Plan ahead, packing boxes according to each room of the home. After you’ve got the basics unpacked and set where they are supposed to go, you can focus on the larger items in the home.

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