6 Ways to Make Your Home Less Attractive to Pests

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Pests love when they find a welcome home. It means they can eat, breed, and live their days happily in an ideal environment – with no interruptions in their life cycles. But unless you enjoy being roommates with spiders, rodents, and other creepy-crawly things, you shouldn’t create a welcome home for pests. Instead, follow these steps to make your home as unattractive as possible to little critters seeking shelter.

1. Clean Up Your Yard

If you can keep pests away from your yard, you have a better chance of keeping them out of your home. So, begin by trimming shrubbery near your home. Move wood piles away from your house to prevent termites from entering your home. Rake mulch away from the house’s foundation. Clean your gutters, and tidy up your barbecue after each time you use it.

2. Get Rid of Moisture

There’s nothing mosquitoes (and many other insects) like more than moisture. In fact, mosquitoes can breed in any standing water, so be vigilant about eliminating standing water from your property and make sure your downspouts keep water away from your foundation. Regularly check your property and house for any areas that might remain moist, and take care of problems as soon as you find them.

3. Keep Food Away

Pests aren’t trained on manners, so they’ll happily help themselves to any food left out in the open. Don’t leave your trash cans open, don’t leave food on the counter, and don’t let crumbs sit on the floor. Make sure you aren’t leaving pet food outside, and if you have a pest problem indoors, don’t leave pet food out. Instead, feed your pet and immediately clean up anything left over.

4. Seal Them Out

One of the simplest ways to keep pests from entering your home is to seal any openings where they might find a welcome entrance. This means fixing any screens with holes, as well as gaps in doorframes. Pay attention to the holes where utility wiring enters your home. Open doors are also a big invitation, so keep them closed – unless you’re walking through them of course.

In addition, be mindful of what you (and your kids and pets) bring into the home. Don’t let anyone carry an outside toy into your living room without first inspecting it for bugs. Be careful that your firewood doesn’t have any termites in it. And if something has been sitting on your porch for a while, dust it off before it comes inside.

5. Keep up on Housekeeping

You may not see the crumb in the carpet, but you can bet a small army of ants will soon know it’s there. Make sure you regularly vacuum (that includes using the attachment around the edge of the rooms!), stay on top of dusting, and don’t forget to sweep under the cabinets.

In addition, do your best to keep clutter out of your house. Most clutter sits around unattended for too long, and different pests seize the opportunity to make cozy nests inside your old stacks of newspapers, undusted piles of books, and more.

6. Talk to an Expert

Talk to a pest control company about the common pests in your area. Have them come out and do an assessment of the specific pests you’re dealing with at your home, and have them give you a treatment plan for eliminating and keeping the bugs and rodents away.

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