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Different Varieties of Pressure Washers Used for Pressure Cleaning

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When some dirt sticks to any surface and refuses to come out easily, the best recognized method of cleaning is the application of water in full force to wash off these undesired particles. This method is commonly known as pressure cleaning.

Different types of pressure washers are now available in the market for washing the surfaces of cars and buildings. People choose these gadgets according to the nature of the surfaces that need to be cleaned and the amounts of water required to be sprayed for force cleaning.

Varieties of washers for pressure cleaning according to the water force

Generally, a pressure washer consists of a motor or engine for generation of the force that drives the water for pressure cleaning, a long hose pipe that is attached with this engine for carrying the water from barrel, and finally a spray nozzle of suitable dimension with a trigger for easy operation.

  • A light-duty pressure washer is generally used for cleaning small spaces, like patios or balconies, sidewalks, poolside decks, garages and parking spaces. This type of motor can deliver water with maximum 100 bar units, which can also clean home furniture, small-sized cars, bicycles, bikes and large garden-cleaning equipment. This variety of pressure washers is available for very cheap prices, though costlier ones are also there with extra beneficial features.
  • A medium-duty pressure washer is the best device that is used for pressure cleaning of large family cars and other vehicles, swimming pools and huge poolside areas, wider balconies, hot tubes of spas and fences of lawns. Sometimes, gutters and sewage drains can also be cleaned with the minimum pressure of 110 bar units applied from the motor or engine of this type of pressure washer. According to its duties, this variety of pressure washer is available for affordable, medium price ranges.
  • A heavy-duty pressure washer has the ability of pumping water with a pressure of up to 130 bar units. This device can be used for pressure cleaning of large concrete or brick surfaces of buildings and heavyweight vehicles. This highly expensive gadget is mostly used for industrial cleaning and the users need to follow extra caution while handling the huge pressure exerted by this device.

Types of pressure washer pumps based on the fuel to be used

The pump of a pressure washer is driven by a motor or engine, which is fed by a specific fuel that categorizes this device.

  • Electric pressure washer is considered to be the most powerful variety due to the electric motor that can pump any required amount of water with specified force. The electric motors are applicable for all light, medium and heavy pressure washers. This type of device needs to be associated with an outlet of electricity supply.
  • Gas pressure washer has an engine that is driven by the gas produced by suitable chemical reactions. This type of washer is perfect for small-scale domestic purposes, mainly to clean paintings and other similar artifacts of the house, deeply stained concrete surfaces and marks on a wooden flooring.
  • Petrol or diesel engine of a pressure washer uses only natural fuels or oils for running the pump of this device. However, irritating fumes evolve while operating these medium and light-duty pressure washers, due to the burning of petrol or diesel. Hence, it is best to use them only for the pressure cleaning of outdoor spaces.

Therefore, people choose pressure washers according to their needs and the things to be cleaned with the high-water pressure exerted from the nozzles of these useful cleaning devices.

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