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How to Choose the Right Window Blinds

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Some time ago, I caught my next-door neighbor peeking at my house from behind his own curtains and, since I did not have any blinds on my windows at that time, I realized that he can see me quite easily. This made me quite worried – it is not that I do anything worth hiding, but I just do not feel comfortable with someone tracking my every move. This completely violates my privacy and, in order to put an end to that, I decided to install blinds on my windows. Now, I am more than satisfied with them. If you are in a process of purchasing blinds as well, here are several things you need to pay attention to when doing so.


The Choices

Just like most things nowadays, the choice of blinds on the market is very extensive. You can choose everything from color, pattern, material, and even the open/close mechanism. Most people know what blinds are, but are (or at least I was) more or less unaware that there are many different kinds, such as shutters, wood blinds, roman blinds, honeycomb shades, roller blinds, and even a few others.

In general, there are no huge differences between them regarding effectiveness and quality, but you should inspect all varieties before settling on one. Another thing you should decide on is the size and whether you want the standardized size of ready-made blinds or you prefer the made-to-measure blinds – this, of course, depends on the size of your windows and your personal preferences.


Needs and Requirements

When buying window blinds, you have to take your needs into consideration, too – how much light you want, how big your windows are, how much money you are willing to spend, whether you want to block the outside view or not, etc. Not all people like living in bright and airy homes and, if you are one of them, make sure your blinds do not let too much daylight in.

Furthermore, depending on your budget, you have to choose between outfitting just a certain number of windows or all of them. Also, if you have non-standard windows, the size of your blinds might be a big problem. Therefore, checking wholesale blinds online is always a good idea. I personally found better deals on the Internet than in my local stores and home centers.


Design and Decorations

Since blinds match the size of your windows, they play a significant part in decorating your house. That means that their color should be combined with the color of your interior walls, as well as the furniture in your rooms. Most people choose neutral colors like white, beige, or light grey, but some prefer vivid and lively colors – orange, red, blue, or green. Blinds are highly adjustable and even if you decide to repaint your home, you can easily paint and update them as well.


The Outcome

Ever since I installed my window blinds, I have been much more at peace. They ensure privacy from neighboring peeping Toms and, as they are quite easy to clean, require very little maintenance, which is always good. Ranging from different types, styles, colors, and purposes, your choices of window covers are endless. By updating your windows with these helpful tips, you can now enjoy the pure freedom of privacy in your home.

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