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Several Tips for Painting Your New Home Like Pro

Written by  //  2015/11/06  //  For the Home  //  No comments

How are people living in a glass house different from all the others? They do not have to worry about a paint job! No matter how perfect your home is, painting it can be difficult if you are doing it on your own. All those tricky niches and unreachable angles will give you a headache, but here is how you can paint like a pro.

Angles, Angles, Angles!

The benefit of having rooms with funky angles and sloped ceilings is that they look extravagant and leave your visitors open-mouthed. However, an abundance of corners and angles will also make your life a living hell when it comes to painting them. You will have to move around them a lot and adjust your brushes all the time.

Yes, painting such a room is difficult, but not impossible. Making a good plan, choosing proper colors and deciding how to paint the ceiling will make your job much easier. The results are extraordinary and the color combinations you can achieve are out of this world!

What to Do with a Niche?

A niche is a special kind of problem, even more challenging than an angled wall. As you know, their design is intricate and you can choose between painting only the back wall, which is easier and simpler, and painting them entirely, which requires more time, but brings nicer results. What both of these require are painting skills and high quality paint, we learn from the people behind Supply & Apply, so, depending on your level of expertise and the amount of free time, choose the option that will satisfy your needs and have the biggest aesthetic appeal on your home.

Is Ceiling a Focal Point or a Distraction?

Experienced painters and decorators find painting a ceiling easy, but do not expect it to be that way for you. Imagine spending an entire day on a painting ladder and holding your hands above your head. Nevertheless, a properly repainted ceiling does wonders for a room’s appeal.

A tray ceiling is a great opportunity for an impressive focal point – just remember what Michelangelo did with the Sistine Chapel! You can paint it in white, use metallic colors or even cover it with wallpaper. The options are limitless and, if painted perfectly, a ceiling will be the best focal point your room can have

The Oval Room

Rounded corners bring class and elegance to your home, but are also hard to paint. Since there is no exact distinction between two neighboring walls, you have to think deep when deciding where to stop using one color and where to start with the next one. The easiest choice is to use the same color on both walls and have zero trouble color-wise.

If you, however, insist on using two different colors, you must know how to create a curved line. Most amateur painters just make the cut at the middle of the curve and continue with another color from that point on. On the other hand, experienced painters manage to blend the primary and the secondary color together and create a linear color gradient which will really make your wall stand out.

The Additions

For people living in old houses, moldings are the trickiest things to paint over. You should leave them for the end of the paintjob and dedicate more time to their decorations. If you apply a different color from the one used on the wall, moldings will be more visible and a great addition to the room. Just like previous problem areas, they can be handled if you are patient and work with high quality colors – and have a steady hand!

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