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Fall Home Invaders: How to Keep Those Creepy Crawlers Out of Your House

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As the air turns crisp and the leaves turn to brightly colored and prepare to fall off the trees, we appreciate the beauty of the fall and all this season has to offer. There is one exception in this case. Just like Mother Nature prepares for fall, so do the insects, critters and those creepy crawling home invaders. No one wants to be caught in the cold including the bugs. So, they will try to begin setting up shops indoors. But who wants to be roommates with mice? It is safe to say no one does. In this case, implement these four steps in order to keep those pesky critters outside where they belong.

1. Keep entrances sealed tightly.

Insects and rodents are excellent at fitting and thriving in small spaces. As the fall approaches, go around to all of the different windows and make sure they are sealed tightly. Consider installing a window screen with smaller holes to avoid penetration from insects. Use caulk to seal in windows. It’s an easy fix for those cracks and gaps around the windows as well as the foundation and different parts of the exterior. Go around to all of the entry doors and make sure they are properly sealed to keep the heat in and the bugs out.

2. Never leave food out.

This is an incredibly important step. Critters love food and will thrive off of fresh fruit left out, that syrupy juice stain from the night before, or even simple snacks left out in the open. Seal everything in Tupperware containers to make sure nothing attracts bugs. You will also want to make sure that you close your fridge and any cabinets that may be opened. This will make it harder to bugs and rodents to access to your food. Make sure your counters and your floors are also clean with no crumbs laying around. The cleaner your home and especially your food areas are, the better it will be for you in keeping those creepy crawlers outside where they belong.

3. Keep surfaces dry.

The kitchen is the biggest culprit of this issue, but insects like moist, wet places. Along with using a humidifier, it is important to keep the areas as dry as possible. Too much moisture can cause issues and ultimately attract bugs and other creepy pests. The sink isn’t a place for storage and needs to be kept clean. Any time there are dirty dishes in the sink, clean them. Never leave dishes in the sink overnight.

4. Seek professional help.

When it is too overwhelming and there is no end in sight to that trail of ants, call the professionals. They usually have the tools to get to the root of the problem. Learn more from professionals like Pointe Pest Control on how to maintain an insect/rodent-free home in the future.

It may take some work and some persistence, but it is possible to keep the home critter-free during the cooler months. There may be some routine check-ups and a little bit of cleaning involved, but the results are worth it!

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