Headed Back East? 4 Reason To Consider Missouri For Your Future Home

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Considering a move eastward? Think no further than the great state of Missouri. Although it doesn’t have the reputation as a popular vacation destination like Florida and New York, in reality this great state has plenty to offer potential residents of all ages and interests. Here are just a few of the reasons why Missouri should be a top consideration.

Great Sports Teams

Whether or not you are a sports fan, it is impossible not to get involved in the fun when moving to Missouri. The state not only is home to one of the premier home field advantages in the NFL (Arrowhead Stadium), but also houses perhaps the best rivalry in Major League Baseball; the Kansas City Royals and the St. Louis Cardinals. This geographic rivalry between the teams provides plenty of opportunity for Missouri residents of all ages to get involved in the local sports teams, regardless of which side you chose to support.

Abundance Of Great Small-Towns

A little known fact about Missouri is that it is actually home to a number of great small towns which offer their own unique benefits. Many of these locations are rich with history and cultural events, and are desirable for those who prefer to be away from the city life. If interested in learning more about the small towns in Missouri, consider contacting a local real estate agent who will be more than happy to educate you on the history of any given city or town in the state.

The Surplus Of Coastline

Although not typically thought of as a state in which the residents enjoy water sport activities on a typical summer day, in reality the state of Missouri has thousands of miles of coastline, which provides plenty of opportunities to enjoy the water. From kayaking the rivers to boating on the lakes, Missouri is actually home to more coastlines that the State of California when you take into account the surplus of waterways.

The Alcohol

For one of the smaller states in the country, Missouri does it big when it comes to alcohol production and consumption. Most notably Missouri is home to Anheuser-Busch, one of the premier beer products in the nation today which also controls nearly half of the production throughout the United States. Moreover, it has been estimated that up to six percent of the states GDP comes from beer production alone.

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Ultimately, the history and traditions of Missouri have founded what can be considered a hidden gem of a state in today’s Midwest. From the sports to the outdoor activities, the Show Me State should be considered a prime destination for those looking to settle on the east coast without the hassle of big city life.

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