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Precautions Required When Carrying Out Residential Demolition

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residential demolition

What comes to your mind when you hear of ‘demolition’? You may think that demolition is just about tearing down a building but this is not all. It is not simply blowing off a structure but is an engineered process whereby the structure is removed in a safe or efficient manner.

Residential demolition services are extremely sought after when one wants to carry out renovation work or wants to construct a new building. The site has to be clear and only then the new construction work may be carried out.

Residential demolition is totally different from commercial and industrial demolition since it is about demolishing houses, buildings and cottages. Buildings and homes not more than 2-3 storeys are demolished to carry out fresh construction or only certain portions of building are torn down during a renovation.

For example, you can demolish your old garage to construct a new one, and you can hire the best residential demolition contractor in this regard.

Why would you Hire Residential Demolition Contractor?

You may now think why you should summon a demolition contractor. A demolition contractor can prove a great help when you have to tear down a structure. The contractors will arrive with necessary equipments like cranes, elevated work platform, site excavators, steam rollers and all the necessary equipments that required for your residential demolition.

They have everything ready to carry out the demolition work. When they use such equipments, demolition is completed within a few hours of time. Apart from that, they will move the trashes from your site after demolition and clear your site for new construction.

What Sort of Equipment is Required for Residential Demolition?

If you are looking for residential demolition services, you need to look for professionals who actually specialize in it. They will have all the required equipment to carry out the work. The equipment required for residential demolition is fairly different from the ones required for commercial demolition.

When commercial demolition needs heavy and bulky equipments like safety explosives, wrecking balls and similar, residential demolition may be done with bulldozers, cranes, etc. Precautions have to be undertaken while carrying out the demolition work. A skilled and professional demolition contractor having years of experience can do the task with ease. He will follow the steps given below:

  • Land clearing
  • Removal of debris
  • Grading
  • Site excavation work

The above steps are followed by actual demolition work. You may feel that such tasks are easy but it is not so. To successfully carry out residential demolition or a commercial demolition requires weeks of practice. The contractors prepare a list of items they need for demolition work. Several weeks of planning is required, followed by execution to complete the demolition work.

First, the contractors examine the site that needs to be demolished. They take down the design of the building to be demolished and then proceed accordingly. On the day of demolition, the contractors remove hazardous items like glasses, copper wiring, etc, to make the site safe. All these things may cause fire in the site. They are safely ridden off and then the task is done.

If the area is populated, then instead of explosion, the building implosion takes place. Then the contractor chooses a wrecking ball. Besides, the state also has an active role to play here and implements medical services, engineering survey, first aid and fire contact, police, etc.

Engineering survey is done to examine the area and it is analyzed if the structure and the area are safe for demolition or not. Thus, the overall condition of the building is determined like that of doors, frames and walls. Apart from that, the contractor will demolish your residential building according to the building codes. Such elaborate preparations may be only done by demolition contractors.

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