How to Make Your Property Attractive to Renters

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You bought your rental property to be a profitable investment, but found that attracting the most qualified renters can be challenging. There are some things you can do to make your property more appealing to these renters without a lot of hassle or expense. These things will make your life easier and your rental property much more appealing.

Well Maintained

Most of the best renters can afford to buy their own home, but do not because they do not want to have to deal with regular maintenance issues. It is easier for them to pay rent and allow someone else to deal with air conditioners on the fritz and dishwashers that do not wash.

When showing your rental property to qualified renters, you will want it to appear that it is maintained. Take the time to ensure that all the light bulbs light up, and there is not any peeling paint. Make sure the air conditioning and the furnace both work. If these small touches are not care of, potential renters will wonder about larger maintenance issues that might have been neglected. Most potential renters won’t want to take responsibility for any of these issues on their own. Usually as a landlord, these are issues that you are responsible for taking care of anyway.

Neutral Colors That Are Not Boring

You might have a passion for purple or pink, but most potential rentals will not. Renter will gravitate towards homes that are painted in flattering neutral colors that complement almost any style or color of furniture a renter might have. Beiges have been overdone, so go with a neutral color other than that. You might want to consider a crisp gray.

You can also almost never go wrong with white either. However some renters are just picky about what colors their rooms are which means that you should keep in mind that some of the potential renters might want to re-paint their own walls while they live there to meet their own tastes. Qualified renters will be able to envision what their things will look like in your rental home, making it easier for them to choose it as the best property for them. When your home is visually appealing, it will rent quickly and to top-quality renters.

Property Management Firms

You might want to consider hiring a property management firm like H & R Property Management to rent your property for you. They already have the quality renters that you are looking to rent from you. They will take the time to make sure that the renters are qualified and able to make their rental payments. Plus, they will take a lot of the hassle off your shoulders from maintenance issues and collecting rent to signing leases and enforcing any clauses. A property management company will become your partner in finding you the best tenants.

Finding and keep the best renters is the goal of any rental property owner. Like any other business, there are things that you can do to maximize your profits and find the tenants that you want. If you take the advice from the points listed above, you should have no problem attracting renters for the property that you manage.

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