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Renting a Furnished Apartment – Advantages and Disadvantages

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There are many things that you will need to consider when making the decision and one of the main things among it is whether you want to rent a furnished or an unfurnished property. As is the case with every other decision, there are advantages and disadvantages of both. If you are also in the phase of making this important decision, here is a guide for you to help you decide which is a better option for you.

Furnished Property

There are different types of furnished properties. Some come with just the essentials while others offer full-fledged furnishing such as appliances, furniture and sometimes, even cutlery. Here are the pros and cons of moving into a property that is furnished.


It is easy to move in:
Moving to a new home is a time-consuming and expensive process. And, if you have your own furniture and other stuff to move out with, it becomes even more difficult. It takes a lot of time to first pack your belongings when you are vacating a house and then unpacking it some days later when you move to a new house. All of this can be avoided if you decide to move to a furnished property. All you need is pack your personal belongings such as clothes and just show up in the new rented property.

It helps you save a lot of money in short term:
Renting a furnished apartment is a better choice if you are moving in for a short time. You don’t need to buy new stuff for the newly rented furnished apartment where you will not be living in for more than a few months.


Higher liability:
You will be responsible for more than just the room in case you choose to move in a furnished apartment. You are responsible for that scratch on the coffee table and that torn upholstery. This may lead to increased cost, which is not feasible for many.

No control over the décor:
There is nothing much you can do with the décor of the apartment if it is already furnished by the owner. This may be a turn off for many people who like decorating the place themselves.

Smaller selection:
In case of a furnished apartment, there are not as many choices as you can have in an unfurnished apartment regarding the furniture. You have to live with the choice of the homeowner for as long as you stay in their apartment.

The article provided some insight about the pros and cons of renting a furnished apartment. If you are also in a fix about deciding whether you should go for a furnished or an unfurnished apartment, you should give a read to the pros and cons section of the article.

If you are looking for Berlin apartments for rent for long term, make sure you weigh the pros and cons of renting a furnished apartment before making the final choice.

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