Some of The Finest Locations for Renting Property in Scotland

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Renting property in Scotland is a satisfyingly easy process, with the simple signing of a contract covering the majority of issues once you’ve agreed to terms and conditions with your landlord.

The real trick is in finding the right location for you in this country that was recently voted the third friendliest place to visit in the world, according to travel gurus Lonely Planet.

Scotland is a wonderfully varied country, with enough cities and towns to suit any disposition. You can choose from small villages to a bustling capital, with rental prices varying enough for a high quality of living on almost any budget.

Here’s just a few of the great cities that Scotland has to offer for the renter with quality on their mind.

Average property rent: £485

Glasgow is the largest city in Scotland, and its architecture is mainly rooted in a Victorian style, allowing for a unique sense of unadorned beauty. This older aesthetic, which is also littered with the “Glasgow Style” of Charles Rennie Mackintosh, gives the city a rustic charm that makes it a pleasure to rent in.

It’s a place that acts as the linchpin of the country, showcasing the friendliest of people and widest variety of culture.

In combination with the aged architecture, Glasgow is also littered with a variety of newer builds, giving any prospective renter a wide range of choices in the market.

Average property rent: £848

The capital and tourist centre of the country, Edinburgh is most famous for its winding Royal Mile, which leads up to the impressive stone edifice of Edinburgh Castle.

While it may have a markedly higher average rent than Glasgow, the city can boast a number of pulling factors to justify the hike in price, with the fascinating architecture of the Old Town and the draw of summer’s Edinburgh Fringe Festival making it a joy to reside in for any budding culture hound.

Average property rent: £436

If you’re looking for property to rent in Paisley, then what you’ll find is cheaper accommodation than all the other cities on our list.

The largest town in Scotland, Paisley offers a wide array of buildings to visit (the Clunaic Monastery and Paisley Cathedral come highly recommended) and a high quality of life, with a now thriving shopping centre and arts scene to cater for any potential resident.

Average property rent: £476

Dundee is an impressive and constantly improving city, boasting a forthcoming Victoria & Albert Museum as well as a flourishing cultural quarter featuring a cinema, theatre and art gallery.

There are a number of pleasant places to stay in this City of Discovery, but the feted West End is the place to be for the dweller searching for culture.

For the renter on the hunt for quieter accommodation, Dundee also boasts a number of residential areas that are just a short distance away from the city centre.

Average property rent: £1030

Aberdeen is still the cash centre of Scotland, living large on profits from North Sea oil, giving it an almost self-evident affluence as it pours money into the city’s development.

While it is beset with the general grey features that anywhere in Northern Scotland will find it hard to avoid, it is also replete with a huge variety of parks for residents to breath in the fresh air.

Although the rent is arguably at an extortionate rate at the moment, the quality of life is high, with Aberdeen being reported as one of the happiest places in Scotland last year.

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