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5 Ways To Prepare Your Home For Selling

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If your home is tidy and in good condition, you will sell it at a higher price and faster than a property that was not prepared for selling. The difference between the property in good condition and one that is not is visible at first glance. Think about what would you like to be repaired and maintained in the case that you are the buyer of your own home.

Mandatory – clean the mess


In most cases, changes can be made without significant costs. You must keep in mind that you want to achieve maximum effect and at the same time not to spend too much money achieving it. If you want your home to leave a positive impression on a prospective buyer, clean the mess!

Throw away all the stuff that are sufficient. Looks like you are already going to move soon, so why not start packing in advance. You definitely do not need every decorative little thing you accumulated over the years, and maybe not every piece of furniture especially the one that is worn and that is there just for decoration. Allow potential buyer to see as much open space as possible.

Make your home smell nice

It is very important that your home smells nice. Do not cook prior to arrival of your potential buyers. There should always a bowl with fresh flowers and fruit on your table. Flowers will refresh the space, and will bring the smell of nature, elegance and a positive energy in your home.

Refresh the walls and repair woodwork


If there are spots, cracks or any visible defects on your walls, repair them and repaint the walls, preferably in white color because it gives the impression of cleanliness. If necessary, clean and repair the woodwork because that is something every buyer checks, thus good woodwork will have a very positive influence on him. Do not let anything in your home creak or that it cannot be opened. Give back your home the original glow.

Take care of your garden


When preparing to sell your home, do not forget the garden (if you have one). Your yard/garden is the first thing buyers see. Mow the grass, add a patio, install the grass pavers, maintain the hedge, all of this will help your yard to look great. In the spring, making sure that you have flowers in the yard. Throw away all rubbish piled up in front of and behind the house.

Never mind how nicely decorated your house is, if the first thing a potential buyer sees is your garden looking like a dump, he will probably forget about all the benefits of your home and memorize it as "one with messy yard."  Give your best so the buyers memorize your property as "one with a lot of flowers."

Add value to your home


If you plan to sell your real estate in several years, now is the time to invest in the renovation that will make your home more expensive. Another bathroom or toilet can significantly increase the price of the real estate. The same goes for renovating existing bathrooms and kitchens. Fireplace always adds charm and warmth to the living room. Floor insulation will increase the value of your home as well.  Swimming pool in the backyard may seem like another way to add value to the house, but it can reject some potential buyers, especially couples with small children.

These and similar major projects should be considered in accordance with the total value of your house and the relative value of neighboring properties.

Finally, the property can be sold without “polishing” it, but probably not as fast and not at the right price. Prepare your property for sale, manage it the best you can and keep in mind that each of these tips will affect the price and the speed of selling your property.

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