Boosting Home Value by Adding a Patio

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More Patio Means More Value

When you decide to redecorate your house and change a couple of things – insulation, paint job, garden renovation, kitchen redecoration, bathroom remodeling, etc. – you should think what your first project is going to be. A lot of people chose to install a new patio first because it turns out that having a patio and decorating it according to current standards not only makes the property much more valuable, but also provides you extra storage room for your beams, timber, polystyrene foam and other materials. That’s why it’s not such a bad idea to start with this project – or, on the other hand, to build a covered patio no matter whether you are redecorating your house or not. It’s always useful and necessary, but what are the benefits and advantages of a quality patio, what does it mean to your home and how can it raise its value?

Patio 101

If you have a big house and a garden, you surely must know what it feels like to want to sit outside, but it’s either too hot or too cold, too sunny or there’s not enough light. But having a patio can solve all of these problems, and add some more advantages.

First of all, patio extends your effective living space and adds more room to your house, making it visually bigger. You can host dinner parties here, organize tea servings or, ultimately, just sit there and relax with your family and friends, but doing that outside instead in your living room makes it that much more enjoyable. Fresh air will add a new perspective to your morning or afternoon gatherings and make people want to spend more time at your outdoor sitting area. Furthermore, a covered patio can always be upgraded and you can close it and and turn it into a sunroom – an innovative outdoor room that has glass walls and can even be repurposed and used as a solarium.

Patio Decoration

Talking to Wintons Teak, an outdoor furniture manufacturer from Sydney, we found out that there is a huge number of options regarding you patio furniture and decoration, from simple chairs and tables to teak outdoor furniture which is quite attractive in today’s market. If you want to stay hip and up-to-date with home decorations, you should find patio furniture that follows current fashion trends and is popular with the world’s biggest architecture and decoration companies.

Another great benefit of having a patio is the option of growing a small garden there. For all those flower, vegetable and herbs enthusiasts who don’t have enough space in the garden for their hobbies or adequate soil, an improvised patio garden is a good solution. Moreover, if you put some glass walls, you will be able to create a more sustainable environment that can easily be turned into a greenhouse and even, why not, a source of some extra income!

Investing and Making Money

If you plan to sell your house, you already know that everything must be spotless and perfect in order to attract buyers. However, if you have a garden, garage or a patio, the price of your estate rises and its value is certainly higher. Yes, installing a patio does mean that you will have to invest some money to make more money upon selling, but it will be worth the investment – studies show that people value privacy more and more, so a closed and/or covered patio adjoined to the back of their house will provide just that: privacy, peace, comfort and a great space for having breakfast and morning coffee in nature.

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