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Things you must Know About the Double Glazed Windows

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double glazed windows

One of the essential things in any building is its windows and doors. But the majority of the constructors use window and doors which are inefficient and because of this the home looks and feels uncomfortable. It is due to this reason that a lot of people have started installing windows and doors, which allow light into the home. These windows are known as doubled glazed uPVC windows. The glazed windows are known to keep the weather conditions inside the house very comfortable and cosy.

Let us Understand the Concept of Double Glazing

Double glazed windows are basically uPVC frames that are fitted with two panes of glass. The space between these two panes is usually kept at 12mm or 16mm. The gap which is kept in between these two panes is held in place with the help of a spacer bar. The spacer bar has healthy air or argon gas in it. Then the glass unit is further sealed airtight and fitted into the uPVC frame.

Now the reason and the idea behind double glazing of windows is that, these two glass panes and the air gap, which is there in between them, work as a layer of insulation. This insulation doesn’t allow the heat or the cold from the outside to come into your house, resulting in winnows that are highly energy efficient.

Nowadays a lot of countries have even introduced triple glazing to increase the energy efficiency of buildings.

What are the Benefits of Double Glazed uPVC Windows and Doors?

  • The main advantage of double glazed uPVC windows Is that, the outside temperature will not disrupt the comfort of your home
  • If you wish to use a heater or an air conditioner, you will use lesser energy as the double glazed windows will naturally maintain the temperature within the house by not letting heat or cold from the outside to enter the house neither letting the temperature inside to escape. Majority of the double glazed windows are airtight, so this inhibits dust from seeping in 
  • Double glazed windows are also beneficial when it comes to the cancellation of the outside noise. The combination of the glass panes reduces the intrusion of noise even in a larger space. This will make your house quieter and peaceful. Moreover, double glazed windows are a lot beneficial if you live near highways or closer to the airports or even bridges.
  • Double glazed uPVC windows give extra security. If there are double windows, it becomes difficult for an intruder to break in and get through the window. Moreover, you can add multi locks onto the doors, to make sure you are fully protected.

Let us Discuss the Disadvantages of Double Glazed Windows.

These windows can’t be repaired because these two gass panes have a layer of air trapped, which will for condensation if the seal between the two window glasses isn’t proper, resulting in panes that can’t be pulled out. If there is damage, then the entire window will have to be replaced.p

  • The trapped heat could be a disadvantage because despite the fact the trapped air in winters is boon because it keeps the house well insulated in the cold, but during the summer season, it can make the room stuffy and uncomfortable.
  • Double glazed windows give a modern look, so they are not suitable for you if you are planning a more vintage look for your home.  

So, clearly, the advantages of getting double glazed uPVC windows installed outweighs its disadvantages by far. These are secure, safe and energy efficient as well.

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