How to Upgrade Your Home and Increase Resell Value

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Does your home need a fresh look? Are you thinking about selling your house? With a few smart upgrades, you can raise the equity in your house. These tips can help you get top dollar when you put the house on the market.

Install a New Backsplash

A clean and shiny pop of color is sure to capture the attention of potential buyers. You can use a small strip in bright or metallic colors to add pizzazz or go more subtle with a jade green or royal blue tile behind the sink. The water protection the backsplash gives the home increases home value and provides a beautiful detail to wow buyers.

Put Money into Your Kitchen

Kitchens bring in more than 90 percent returns say the popular home improvement icon HGTV. In cities like Miami and Providence, this number increases to a full 100 percent. In Baltimore, real estate investors can see over an 180 percent return. It is worth the time to research how much value a kitchen remodel could add to your house.

Thoughtful Improvements

Buyers like it when sellers think about future occupants. Adding little additions like custom blinds, built-in cabinets, and radiant floor heating around the tub can make the difference between your home sitting on the market or getting offers right away. Other ideas you can add include corner shelving in the bathroom, crown molding in the master bedroom, wainscoting, or a new fireplace surround. Features that you cannot take out of the home feel special.

Increase Curb Appeal

HGTV tells readers to think about how your house looks to visitors. They suggest taking a snapshot of the home from each side to give you a new perspective. Use black and white instead of color to provide a stark contrast for blemishes like cracks in the sidewalk or siding and broken shingles. Look for areas you can embellish like adding potted plants on both sides of the porch or planting flowers along the sidewalk. A bright, new coat of paint and some big, shiny numbers on the front door and mailbox impress guests making sure your house is easy to find.

Upgrading your home can be simple with a few pops of paint or new decor items. You can take the updates as far as you want, but you want to keep your home value close to comparable houses in the area. If you over-embellish the home, then you will never get the money you put into the home back. Your real estate agent can help you decide which projects and renovations will work best in your market conditions and situation.

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