New Home, New Year: 4 Questions to Ask Your Realtor during Your Search

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Purchasing a new home is probably one of the biggest investments that you will make. Plus, it is one with which you will most likely need to live for years. Therefore, you must be fully aware of exactly what you are buying and what you are getting into financially before you make your decision. You certainly do not want to purchase a home and then find out that you have many repairs to make or that you hate the neighborhood. Here are four questions that you should ask your knowledgeable, local realtor while you are shopping around for your new home.

Ask about the Sales History

You should first ask about why the home is on the market. Perhaps the seller needs a larger home or is moving out of the area. However, frequently when you want to sell real estate, home sales on the history of a particular house or a desire by the seller to move without any good reason is a red flag that there may be a problem with the house. In addition, you should find out if the home currently has a mortgage, is a rental property, or is an old listing for which you can get a better price than expected.

Ask about the Neighborhood

Be sure to speak with your realtor about the local area. Most likely, your realtor has lived in the area for a while and has sold numerous properties in a variety of neighborhoods. He or she will be able to tell you which neighborhoods are best for families, which are in good school districts and which are safe or pet-friendly.

Ask about Taxes and Utilities

While the price of the home itself may seem amazing, you may get sunk with taxes, utility charges, and other additional fees, such as if the home is part of a homeowner’s association. Ask to see back records of old utility bills. Also, know that taxes are generally an open record with the state or community.

Ask about a Home Inspection

Finally, ask your realtor who he or she would recommend for a complete home inspection. Your realtor will know who does the most complete work and who has missed big problems in the past. Although a home inspection is a cost for you, it can save you plenty of money in the future by helping you see big and little problems now.

Your realtor is a fount of knowledge about the local area, current home prices and tips about new homes and home designs. Even if your realtor does not have a lot of knowledge about a home that you are interested in, he or she can do some digging and get the answers that you need. Be sure to team up with a realtor for your next home purchase, and discover the depth of knowledge that this professional has.

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