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Need to Upsize? 4 Things to Look For in a Home for Large Families

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Obviously, more bedrooms will make your new home comfortable for your family when you are upsizing. What else will make your new place convenient and inviting for your kids? The number of bedrooms is just one factor that affects large families, and we’re going to take a look at four more you need to be aware of when choosing your new home.

Suburbs and Rural Areas

Urban homes do not give big families the space to spread out, and those with younger children will be forced to keep their kids inside to protect them from heavier traffic. Homes in these areas are also often pricier and smaller, a combination that works against a large family. Suburbs and rural areas have more spacious real estate available, less traffic, and often lower housing prices for the space. This will give your kids the freedom to play in an open yard, make friends with neighborhood kids, and open up your budget. These homes often also have more bedrooms due to the greater space, which reduces conflicts between siblings when they each have their own room to retreat to in stressful situations.


Even small families find that one bathroom is not enough to give everyone room to get ready for work or school. A house may have more bedrooms, but when the morning race against the clock starts and there’s a line for the bathroom, tempers get short and conflicts arise. Choosing a home with at least one bathroom for every two occupants is a good rule of thumb and will prevent unnecessary stress. Older homes typically have the minimum number of bathrooms, and smaller ones at that, unless they have recent renovations, so you may want to look for something newer. Keep in mind how many kids will be assigned to what bathroom, their ages, and schedule needs before deciding if you have enough bathroom space for everyone. 

Open Concept Homes

Cathedral ceilings, large entryways, and spacious kitchens are things you can look for when home searching, and with a large family, it will help prevent a sense of claustrophobia when the whole family is sitting together. Choosing houses with more space in the kitchen and hallways also prevents accidents with running kids as it allows them more space to maneuver and avoid collisions. Open concept living gives your family the space to spread out and still be in range to communicate. Houses with lots of windows let the outdoors in with tons of natural light that will also work to make your house feel larger and give your family a more appreciative view of your yard.

Yard Space and Activities

Not all of your extra room has to be indoors. Decks, patios, gardens, pergolas, porches, and balconies give the family places to retreat for quiet time, while also encouraging your kids to spend more time outdoors rather than on devices. When you want to entertain, more room outdoors can be a huge blessing, allowing space for kids to run and play while the adults can sit and have casual conversation without having to compete for space or noise. If your family likes to barbecue, sit around the fire pit, or play sports, then more room outside can allow an easy avenue for these activities and prevent busy families from catching cabin fever while stuck at home. 

If you’re moving to get more room for the kids, then consider these factors as well to ensure that you’re upsizing properly and will have a home that fits your family for many years to come. While most kids generally will want their own room, something they won’t remember on their own but definitely need is access to bathrooms, space to run, and a place to enjoy the outdoors with friends and family. Don’t just look for the number of bedrooms per child and stop there; remember all of your family’s needs and ensure that the new house meets them.

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