The 5 Best Practices to Finding a Brand New Move-in Ready Home in 2018

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A move-in ready home is a house, as the name implies, that can be occupied immediately. To meet this classification, most jurisdictions demand the house meet certain requirements such as having working plumbing, passing inspections and more. Overall, if you want you and your family to start life in a new place quickly, finding a move-in ready home is a necessity. Below are five strategies that can help you find a move-in ready home that meets your family’s needs.

Inspect Homes in Person

While this is something you should be doing anyways, it’s not bad to reinforce this point. You should never get serious about a home until you look it over yourself. While a listing may make a home sound great, it may be missing plenty of features that should be standard. The home may, in fact, not be move-in ready at all despite the listing’s suggestions.

Hire a Good Third Party Home Inspector

However, just because you don’t notice anything wrong with a home does not mean the home is actually in a move-in-ready state. Instead, you need to hire a third party home inspector to inspect any home you are seriously considering buying. The inspector may find huge flaws you couldn’t see with your untrained eye. That can allow you to force the seller to fix these issues before you do move in.

Make Sure Move-In Ready Includes Landscaping

In certain localities, referring to a home as move-in ready may only include the house itself. The yard and landscaping, on the other hand, may be completely barren. You may be expected to plant your own grass, trees and shrubbery. Make sure this is not the case when looking for new homes for sale. Creating a lawn from scratch is by no means easy.

Choose a Home in a Newly Developed Neighborhood

These days, builders tend to construct entire neighborhoods of homes together. Most of these homes are move-in ready since the goal is to attract as many homebuyers as quickly as possible. These homes tend to be in the suburbs and thus safer than other options you may be considering.

Work with a Real Estate Agent

You can house shop on your own by investigating different listings online and off. However, it may be a better idea to work with a real estate agent in the area you want to move to. With an agent’s help, you should be able to find a move-in ready home as quickly as possible.

The point of purchasing a move-in ready home is of course moving in as soon as possible. However, don’t rush the decision to buy a house. If you aren’t methodical about the home buying process, you could make huge mistakes you’ll later regret.

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