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Avoid Getting Confused While Purchasing Or Selling A Property

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Would you like to be overburdened purchasing your dream home? Presume not. All dealings related to sale or purchase of real property needs thousands of documents to be verified. Apart from that, the title of the property to be searched, the documents for going for the deal is to be made, and then the agreement needs to be signed against payment.

All these are to be done keeping in mind that any loopholes might create problem after the deal and the transaction may be null and void by the law. So it is better to take legal advice from reputed property lawyers. In this case, you can go for the conveyancing transactions process and the conveyancing firm will prepare all your documentation within short time.

What Is The Road To Successful Conveyance Transactions?

Well, it involves a series of actions that are to be taken by the purchaser as well as the seller to successfully execute the contract allowing the title of the property to be transferred under the existing law of the state.

  • The purchaser chooses the property through some real estate agents whom the seller has approached too for selling.
  • The purchaser and the seller agrees to a mutually settled price, and the buyer pays up a booking deposit confirming the time limit agreed upon to exchange the hands on the property paying the balance amount and undergoing all documentation needed under the law. This amount is fully refundable if the purchaser, in any case, disagrees to buy the property.
  • The next steps of conveyancing transactions are giving notifications to lending financial institutions( if applicable), asking for the copy of the original deeds, prepared sale contract from the vendor’s solicitor.
  • The purchaser’s solicitor looks to the documents on receipt and undertakes pre-contract inquires from the competent authorities like the town and planning division, the land registry divisions, and the fire department to safeguard the purchaser. On being satisfied with all documents and pre-contract inquiries the purchaser is given the nod by the solicitor to go ahead.
  • If the property is purchased through loans from financial institutions, then the purchaser solicitor sends the loan documents and some token deposit approximately of 10% of the contract value after deducting the booking amount. But if the buyer does not get the loan within stipulated time frame mentioned in the agreement then the seller can cancel the deal and deduct little percentage from the booking amounts.
  • The conveyancing transactions are moving in the right direction. The purchaser solicitor sends a partly signed contract to the vendor solicitor for the needful, and at this stage it is assumed that a legally valid contract is being in force and the party cannot back out too.
  • After clarifications of all the queries, a draft deed is sent by the purchaser’s solicitor to the vendor’s solicitor. On getting the go-ahead signal from the vendor, the solicitor requests for the balance purchase money by cheque.
  • The conveyancing transactions are in final stage. The purchaser solicitor pays the balance payment amount to get hold of the deed and the property keys.
  • The conveyancing transactions are complete after paying up the stamp duty to the respective authority with an application requesting a change of title. After the change of title, the deed is returned to the purchaser or the lending institutions.

To complete any property related transactions, without legal help it is complicated to move ahead. So take expert advice to enjoy your dream property without stress.  The conveyancing firm can charge you few amount as consultation fees and they will prepare all your documents. So it is better to pay few amounts to these legal advisors and complete the property deal in a hassle free manner.

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