Have an Older Kitchen? 4 Features to Give It a Modern Look

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A complete kitchen remodel is a pricey proposition if your kitchen is still functional. You can create an updated look in your old kitchen without spending a lot of money. Here are some things that you can do to make your kitchen more modern.

Refinish Your Cabinets

The cabinets set the tone in your kitchen. If your current cabinets appear dated, this doesn&’t mean that you need to rip them out. You can easily refinish your cabinets with just the cost of paint and a little time. There are paints available that even eliminate all of the prep work that was traditionally associated with refinishing them. You can have a more modern looking kitchen in just one weekend. Just make sure to remove all of the hardware so that you get an even looking finish.

Change out the Hardware

You have a couple options when it comes to the hardware for your cabinets. If your budget is really tight, you can spray paint your current hardware to complement your refinished cabinets. Another option is to completely change out the hardware. If you didn&’t have soft close cabinets before, you can install that hardware. This will make your kitchen appear more modern and functional. Grabs and pulls come in a variety of styles and price ranges. Select one that will fit within your budget.

Install New Window Treatments

Dated window treatments can make your kitchen appear older than it is in reality. Get vertical blinds for your windows. This has the benefit of providing you with some privacy. It can also make your kitchen appear taller due to the orientation of the blinds themselves. If this doesn&’t appeal to you, there are lots of other options available. Select something that will showcase your windows to the best effect. Curtains and other types of blinds or shutters may be something worth looking into for your kitchen.

Upgrade Your Faucet

Your kitchen faucet can change how you view your kitchen. Some of the more modern faucets offer unique features that may appeal to you and your family. They also come in a variety of styles and finishes. The only restriction may be the price. Make sure to select a good quality faucet. This will ensure that it can last as long as the rest of your kitchen. Consider complementing your faucet choice with your cabinet hardware. Having this continuity can make your kitchen appear more modern.

You don&’t have to break the bank to revitalize your kitchen. Paying attention to the details can provide you with a more modern look.

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