4 Maintenance Mainstays Worth Attending to When Selling Your Home

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Many people who wanted to sell their homes usually perform repairs that are not necessary. They wanted to get the most payoffs, but end up spending much because of several home repairs that are not really required. Because most people wanted to impress the one who will purchase the property, they end up performing renovations and repairs on sections that are still ok. In reality, there are only four important parts of the house that should be fixed before selling the property. These are the floors, ceilings and walls, the kitchen, and the bathroom.

Repair the Floors, Ceilings, and Walls

When selling a property, it is best to check the floors, ceilings and the walls of the house because these are the first things that the buyer will notice. For wooden floors, make sure that they are polished and well preserved. Decaying wood panels on the floors should be replaced with new ones. On tiled floors, make sure that there are no visible cracks. If there are cracks on the tiles, make sure to replace them before turning the property over.


Make sure that the carpet is also placed on an appropriate area inside the house. Ceilings and walls are also important to take note because the buyers would look at them to search for cracks and leaks. Whenever there is a crack or a leak, make sure that it will be sealed before selling the house. There are also instances where in stains can be found on the ceilings and the walls, so make sure to paint them out in order for it to look clean and bright. A pleasant looking floor panels, ceilings and walls would raise the value of the property. More buyers will consider purchasing the property if these parts are well maintained. Make sure to fix anything before being putting the house on sale.

Repair the Kitchen and the Bathroom

The kitchen and the bathroom are two essential parts of the home. The kitchen is where the food is prepared and served, while the bathroom is the place to clean ourselves. A dirty kitchen and bathroom would leave the potential buyers in horror and disgust. It is not necessary to replace all of the appliances inside the kitchen when putting the house on sale, but it is important to have the cabinets checked for damages. A worn out kitchen cabinet has to be replaced, and while the repair cost for kitchen cabinets is high, it would return 100% of the cost when someone buys the property. Another thing to consider would be the kitchen counters and the sink. Make sure that the water flows freely and there are no leaks or clogging.

Sink Replacement

A rusty sink and faucet must also be replaced, because it could give a negative impression to the buyers. For the bathroom, it should be noted that most repairs and renovations done on the bathroom would give back 100% of the cost. The things that should be replaced inside the bathroom would be the doors, the shower, the hot tub and the divider. Hot tubs should be repaired because it is one of the most relaxing features inside the bathroom. Potential buyers would feel upset if they found out that the hot tub repair job was not fixed properly when the property was sold. When painting the bathroom, make sure to use lighter colors. Lighter colors work better than darker colors because they give an illusion of vastness.

To summarize, people who wanted to sell their homes must consider renovating it or fixing something that is not right. Buyers would never consider a property which would require them to spend additional money just for repairs. They would want a property that is 100% ready to be occupied, and anyone would not be happy if they would encounter a number of issues in a span of a few days right after moving in. A well maintained house will sell faster in the real estate and property market, so make sure that everything has been repaired before putting the house on sale.

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