Wanting to Sell Your Home? 5 Cost-Effective Renovations That Will Increase Your Market Value

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If you are considering selling your home, you will be glad to know that there are inexpensive things you can do to increase its market value. A home renovation can enhance the appearance of your home while making it more suitable for your needs. Below are cost- effective improvements you should try.

1. Remodeling the Kitchen

Renovating the kitchen by making a few changes will create a new and bright look. You can paint the kitchen cabinets using a neutral color. Ensure you polish the inside of the cabinets for uniformity.

Another amazing way of transforming the kitchen would be to use granite tiles on countertops. The finish is modern and turns the countertops to a more elegant look. For backsplashes, choose metal or vinyl ones which are cost efficient and easy to install.

Replace kitchen appliances by purchasing scratch and dent stainless steel appliances which are relatively cheap. Ensure the appliances are energy efficient to save on energy costs. Update the lighting fixtures in the kitchen. Replace fluorescent tubes with track lighting to create a bright look in your kitchen.

2. Reinvent Free Space

If you have a basement or a garage that is no longer in use, you can transform it to valuable space. You can remodel the space for an extra bedroom depending on the location. For detached garage spaces, you can renovate to create a rental room. You may need to paint, install additional windows and doors and improve lighting. Attic spaces can suit children play areas. You can add swings if the ceiling is high enough. It is also a perfect space for creating a small home theater for games.

3. Add More Windows

According to Hilary Farr and her Rules of Renovation buyers are more attracted to homes that can offer optimal natural lighting. If your walls have small windows, you can increase the size. You may need professional help for guidance on the right measurements and the position of windows.

You can opt to pull down one wall and install glass especially on the front face of your house. This remodel adds a stylish design to your living area and provides enough natural light. Consider adding energy-efficient insulation to your new windows to keep off excess heat or cold.

4. Add a Deck

Outdoor spaces compliment the look of your house. A beautiful backyard with a deck addition can be a design to consider. The purpose of the space determines the design of your deck. A good idea would be to set up an outdoor living space using readily available materials.

You can add flower pots or a small garden adjacent to the deck. A natural setting will enhance the appearance of the area, considering it is an outdoor space. During construction ensure you leave enough open space leading to the entrance of your house to allow free movement. A deck gives a whole new look to the rest of your house increasing its value.

5. Fix Structural Problems

Small structural issues in your house’s framework can drive away potential buyers. To identify such problems, carry out a thorough inspection of your home. Inspect the condition of the roof to spot leakage or defects. Check the status of the gutters. You may need to clean and replace old gutters. Inspect the power lines and the plumbing systems to ensure they are in good condition.

Renovations and remodeling will enhance the appearance of your home which eventually increases the value. Whether you decide to add more facilities or refurbish existing spaces, these cost effective renovations will make your home as beautiful as new. Surface finishing, lighting and proper ventilation are important when improving your home’s design.

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