Benefits of Using Exposed Aggregate Concrete Finishes in Buildings

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The major parts of a modern building are mainly constructed of concrete slabs, for rendering high solidity and even surfaces to the walls, roofs and floors. Normally, as the concrete is made of cement, sand, gravels and water. But exposed aggregate concrete is tougher and more durable than the usual concrete mixtures, for which this advanced material is used for making the driveways, pool sides, pavements or garden paths and the floorings of the patios in most of the residential and commercial buildings.

If you want to make these flooring then you can hire some exposed concrete aggregators and they will make your concrete floor with some latest materials. The finishing is the most important part for this flooring and it can be done by trained professionals only.  There are many benefits of using this type of concrete in the hardwearing floor surfaces of any house.

Advantageous properties of the exposed aggregate concrete

  • The surfaces made from exposed aggregate are more slip resistant in nature than the ordinary concrete floors in the house, thus preventing the chances of frequent accidents, mainly when the floor surface is wet.
  • Since there are many options for choosing the colour and the texture of the exposed aggregate concrete, the building owners can customize and beautify the look of their house, by selecting any preferred option of this concrete type, which will be used by their contractors in making the attractive floors. So now you can also decorate your concrete flooring with some latest aggregators.
  • The floors with exposed aggregate surfaces do not need any troublesome maintenance on part of the house owners, except for regular cleaning with water or a damp cloth. Sometimes, the floors of the garages and pavements may be cracked under the pressure of the car tyres and occasionally need to be sealed up with suitable sealants. Still if you find any damages on these concrete floors then you can partly repair the same instantly and it will cost you very less amount.

Why would you install the exposed aggregate concrete flooring?

The surfaces made with exposed concrete look as stylish and contemporary, as the marble or mosaic floorings; but this type of concrete is much cheaper than the costly marble or mosaic tiles or any other decorative style of flooring. Thus, the house owners can save a lot of money by the installation of these floorings on major parts of their houses.

  • The labourers need to use much lesser equipment’s and very few additional materials for the installation of the exposed concrete floorings, compared to that required for the installation of other decorative types of floorings.
  • Generally, the exposed concrete is seen to have the same durability and toughness as the normal concrete, for bearing much wear and tear due to the car tyres running over this type of floor and also the weight of heavy snowfall on it.

Different varieties of exposed aggregate concrete flooring

The experienced contractors can bring different looks to the exposed concrete, by applying the concrete particles of special textures and colours, as per the choices of the house owners. But it should be kept in mind that the chosen colour will be darkened after the acid-wash of the exposed aggregate concrete slabs, which is done only to remove all extra traces of cement from these slabs. The types of gravels in this concrete mainly decide the colour and texture of the exposed concrete floorings.

Therefore, the exposed concrete is now hugely used in many buildings for having better structural and functional benefits of this type of floorings. So now, you can also install these flooring at your exterior area and decorate your garden and garage pathways with some durable and polished materials.

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