When is the Best Time to List Your Home for Sale?

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Selling your home is not a task to take lightly. The real estate market regularly fluctuates and waiting until the perfect time could potentially save you thousands of dollars. While the housing market regularly shifts, there are some standard maxims in the industry about the best months in which to list your home. Here are some steps to help you understand your home sale.

Understanding the Market

The housing market is fundamentally the same as any retail business. Supply and demand dictate the average price, and sellers should typically look to market their property while supply is low and demand is high. Pinpointing the exact moment to put your house on the market can be tricky with so many variables like neighborhood, home age, and economy. Luckily there are plenty of online resources available that can help sellers evaluate the market, which means that marketing your home during spikes in demand mean sellers will regularly be competing with a number of other home owners.

Listing For the Quickest Turnaround

It’s long been understood that spring is one of the best times to put a property up for sale. The demand of buyers tend to spike during warmer months, and having your home listed early in the year allows sellers to get a head start. More demand means more buyers potentially competing over each home. However, the nature of the market means that buyers will have more inventory to choose from.

Selling in the spring requires sellers to take a savvier approach, and will need to convince their potential clients why their home is a better option than other houses on the market. A realtor with a familiarity of the area can provide critical advice on identifying market trends and determining the best factors to focus on in your own house.

Taking a More Patient Approach

Demand for homes tends to plummet in the fall and winter, but a smart realtor and a sense of perseverance can pay off. There’s always a motivated buyer on the market regardless of the time of year, and succeeding during the holiday season requires identifying these buyers and figuring out how to best target them individually.

Finding the Right Time of the Week

Sundays are generally recognized as the best time for open houses which means realtors and sellers will often scramble to get their houses listed on the first available Thursday and Friday. But patience can be its own reward. Consider putting your home up for sale on a Monday or Tuesday and not holding an open house until Sunday. This will give you more time to build anticipation and draw in a larger group of prospective buyers.

Like in any business, knowledge and patience are the keys to getting the best deal. Consider enlisting the help of a realtor like Gloria Nilson & Co. Real Estate who understands the demands of the local market before beginning the process of selling your property. When to sell your home can be of critical importance, but how you market your home can be just as important.

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