Creative Cabin Repairs: Long-Term Fixes for Your Home Away from Home

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Not much can beat those lazy summer days spent at the cabin. Unless you are renting though, chances are you will spend some of those long summer days doing maintenance and making urgent repairs before the winter weather arrives again. Once you have the hammer and saw out, you might as well take the time to do a few extra repairs that will make your cabin even better and keep it maintained for the long-term.

Add Gutters and Downspouts

It’s a fair bet your primary home has a high-quality gutter and downspout system in place. Your cabin, however, is just as likely to have no system at all. Gutters and downspouts direct damaging rainwater away from your cabin’s exterior and foundation. This is especially crucial if you have a log cabin. Check to make sure the gutters or drains you do have are working properly, aren’t blocked up and are directed away from the foundation. Just a few simple checks can keep things safe for the year.

Rethink Landscaping

Maybe your cabin was landscaped by an award-winning professional, or maybe the plants and trees surrounding it began life at Arbor Day giveaways or school plant sale finds. Either way, they may be too close to your cabin. You need at least 18 inches of clearance between your cabin and bushes or tree branches. This will allow air to circulate and prevent the growth of damaging mold or mildew, as well as preventing tree branch falling or damaging the house.

Avoid Runoff

While digging out plants, create a gentle slope away from your cabin. This will direct water away from your walls and foundation. While you are at it, check your exterior window sills and replace any that don’t slope away from the building.This directs wind, snow and rain away from your cabin and better protects it from the elements.

Tackle Mold on Decks and Porches

Prevent rot by removing mold and mildew when you see it. Get deck cleaning solutions from the hardware store or make your own by adding 3 ounces of household bleach to a gallon of water.

Keep Your Propane Tank Cozy

If you use your cabin during the cold season, ensure your wintertime comfort by keeping your propane tank protected. Cold temperatures can reduce pressure and render your propane tank useless. A specially designed propane tank Powerblanket will prevent this and keep things running smoothly.  

Install a Ceiling Fan

If your cabin has a cooling system, you might not have thought about adding ceiling fans, but these can make your cooling system more efficient. As a bonus, they can make your heating system more efficient too. Just remember to flip the switch from the summer setting to the winter setting at the appropriate time.

Once you’ve made your repairs, you’ve earned a break. So sit back on your porch and sip a nice, cold drink while you enjoy the nature and solitude your cabin provides.

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