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4 Tips For Preparing Your Home For Inspection

Written by  //  2016/06/01  //  Home Buying Inspection  //  No comments

When it comes to selling your home there are a lot of things that you have to remember to do before leaving. One of those things is a home inspection. This is essential to help give your buyers peace of mind about the new home they just bought. Inspections like this can be nerve wracking, but a few simple tips will help put your mind at ease and help create a favorable report.

Fix Minor Issues

This simply means replacing burned out light bulbs, repairing window screens and fixing any window leaks. It is also a good idea to paint any areas that need refreshed after you have made repairs. You also want to pay attention to any leaky faucets as well. Replace your air filter. Tighten loose knobs. Think along the lines of home maintenance. You want your home to look well taken care of, without any little details your buyers will have to worry about.

Clean Up Your Exterior

Trim branches off your house. Trim any bushes that cover your foundation. Clean out your gutters. Now is also the time to get pest control services done, such as Chem-Wise Ecological Pest Management Services. This can help keep the biggest pests out of your home. With things like this the future homeowner will be able to have peace knowing their children and animals will not be exposed to lingering dangerous chemicals and poisons. While cleaning up the exterior, check for places that need repainted. Rotted wood is a concern in home inspection reports so replace any wood that needs attention.

Provide Access

The inspector will need to see your hot water heater and electrical panel. They will check your air conditioner and furnace as well. They also need access to your attic, basement, and crawl space. If you have a pool, the inspector will need access to the pump. Remember to unlock any other buildings for the inspector. By doing these things you can make the inspectors job significantly easier.


This actually has several meanings. One is to leave important home service papers in a visible location. This includes receipts for work done, warranties, and any other documentation on your home. Your paperwork will help an inspector should he/she have any questions. Another way to help the inspector is to leave animals secured. You don’t want them biting the inspector or escaping during the inspection. Finally, leave the premises. An inspection can take two to three hours. If you don’t have any animals with you, this is a good time to go watch a movie. After all the work you have done, you deserve to sit and relax.

Home inspections can be stressful. Remember, once over, you are one step closer to having your house sold. Don’t spend a lot of money fixing things that may not even be an issue. Allow the report to come in and let the prospective buyers choose what, if any, issues they want resolved.

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