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How to Properly Water Your New Garden

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Having a beautiful new garden and not watering it is like having a brand new sports car and not maintaining it properly – it is just senseless and hurtful to your property. A well-kept garden is what sets you apart from your neighbors and provides countless hours of enjoyment. You do not have to be a professional in order to water it properly, but be sure to consider a couple of helpful tips.

The Proper Timing

Timing your watering is probably one of the most difficult things you have to figure out from day one – what time of day is the best and should you water your garden at the same time every single day? Once you have worked out a schedule, things will become much easier and your watering process will turn into just one of many chores you perform daily.

The best time to water your garden is in the morning, before the heat becomes too extreme. This way, you will provide your plants and grass with plenty of water to endure the day in front of them and make sure they are not dried under the hot Sun. However, do not overdo it – especially if you have vegetables – and do not water during the rainy season.

The Proper Place

Even before you figure out the time of the day designated for watering your garden, you should learn which part of the plant is to be watered. Of course, every plant has several parts and it is not the same whether you water the roots, the leaves or the entire body. While focusing your attention on the shoot system may look like a good idea at first, it actually is not. Yes, the leaves will look nice and shiny for a moment, but they are not the parts that take in the water.

Instead of turning to the leaves, you should water the roots. This is where the plants get all their nutrients and where the water distribution begins. After you have properly watered the roots, you can sprinkle some water onto the leaves, but it is optional since water absorption is not done that way. Alternatively, you can install a root feeder and make it work instead of you. This device will supply your roots with fertilizers and, if adjusted properly, can make your garden much more prosperous.

The Proper Tactic

Now, this is where things get tricky – figuring out the best way how to water your garden is essential and will determine its longevity and appearance. It has to be done regularly, thoroughly and deeply, but it is not easy to do since almost every plant has its own preferences and requirements. Therefore, the best idea is to install one of those truly efficient sprinkler systems that will cover the entire garden equally and not drown your plants.

Such a system is highly efficient when it comes to lawns as well. Some people have a big back yard and, instead of planting a garden, opt for a lawn, and these are sometimes hard to water properly because of their size. That is why oscillating sprinklers are a better choice – they can cover the entire area and they can be turned on and off automatically.

The Proper Choice

There is something special about watering your garden and the feeling of calmness and inner peace is bound to occur when you are in touch with your plants, vegetables, flowers and herbs. This is the reason why you should skip the watering professionals and simply perform the entire process on your own. You will love the results much more and enjoy your garden to the fullest.

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