Infested! 3 Things to do When your Pest Problem Doesn’t Go Away

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This is a homeowner’s worse nightmare to have an infestation of any kind. Most do not talk about this issue beyond the ant hills that pop-up every summer or when there are certain creatures from outdoors that make the attic home. There are very good products on the market that most retailers stock that eradicate the usual suspects including roaches, ants, spiders, wasps, and the like. Then there are the more difficult species of pest such as bed bugs and termites. Before any steps can be taken, it is crucial to know the type of pest causing the problem. This should be followed by gauging the level of infestation.

Pesticides and organic options

In the case of usual pests, products at retailers do a pretty good job. The brands including Raid, Black Flag, and others come in a variety of strengths. Start with the lower strength and increase it to the maximum as the second step. This will minimize the amount of pesticides in your home. If you try one brand’s strongest product without the desired results, then switch to the strongest one of the other popular brand. After that, a preventative application annually should do the trick. It is essential no matter which product you use to follow the directions implicitly including taking proper ventilation steps.

There are some organic remedies that are safer options for your family and the environment. They include Borax powder, ultraviolet light, rice, sticky paper, and traps. Borax and rice require them being spread around the perimeter of the home while staying close to the general area where pests are seen. This works best for roaches, ants, and bugs in that family. Sticky paper can catch a variety of pests including mice and small rats. However, traps are the best course of action for these and larger critters including raccoons. Traps are considered humane for the outdoor species, because they can be released back into the wild.

Call a professional

Once infestations reach a certain level, it is imperative to call a professional. At this point, they have embedded themselves and your home is their home. This includes every type of pests from the creepy crawly ones to the critters that enter through the attic and garage. Finding an expert like Barrier Pest Control in Boise Idaho will not be a huge problem, because the internet is a good resource. In addition, for subdivision homeowners, the association will have referrals from neighbors that encountered this issue. This will probably yield some good choices.

Regardless of where you start the search for a reputable company, make a list of at least three based on the following criteria. They should specialize in infestations, have a proven track record, insurance, licensed expert staff, and rave reviews from past customers. In addition, see if they have customers that you can actually talk with about the service they received. Finally, if the job is going to be an expensive one such as termites, then inquire about financing options.

Remove the entry point

This may be the shortest section, but it is the most important for stopping the infestation from returning for every pest on any list. The pests are entering from some location so finding and sealing it is critical to prevent access. Look for cracks and seal them with caulking and other bug repellent products. Cover holes in the attic and garage with new wood and add a mesh screen for reinforcement. Adding a treatment before the sealing process to build a layer of deterrent is also a good idea. Bed bugs will require you throwing away the bedding and purchasing new ones. It may be costly, but after the cost to eradicate them, this will ensure a fresh start.

While most homeowners opt to handle their own pest problems, annual service contracts are generally very reasonable. In the long run, they will ward off the necessity for the bigger infestation removal jobs and save you money. This is especially true for termites and bed bugs. Yikes!

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