Moving to a New Home? Tips for Downsizing

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My husband and I just moved into a beautiful new home in “Queen City” Cincinnati that is significantly smaller than our previous home. But when all our children grew up and moved out, our five bedroom, four bathroom home was just too large for us. Once we started packing up our stuff I realized just how much junk, for lack of a better term, we had accumulated over the years. Tiffany’s artwork, Joey’s sports memorabilia, all my crafting supplies. I realized very quickly that if we didn’t start downsizing, we would never fit all our belongings into our new home.

Does this sound familiar? Has your home turned into a wasteland of furniture, paperwork, odds and ends and too many things? Here are the best tips for downsizing your home (and life):

Do You Need That?

Make sure everything you’re keeping is truly something you can’t live without. Does it have a worthy space in your home or office? Is it useful, like your toaster, blender, or the most comfortable couch? Perhaps it’s the sentimental thing you can’t part with like a mug Tiffany made or your great grandmother’s handmade afghan. If it does not fit these categories, you should think about parting with it.

Get a Feel for the Size of Your New Home by Comparing Rooms of Similar Dimension

If your soon-to-be living room is smaller, then you might not be able to squeeze in those three couches, end table and large entertainment center like you thought. Plan ahead and think about which furniture will work best in which room. All the extras that won’t fit should be sold or donated. If you can’t quite bear to part with something just yet, consider renting a storage unit from someone like Uncle Bobs storage units. Most places have various sizes to meet your needs.


When downsizing, you should de-cluttering your home. It won’t get done in a day, so this is something you will want to do a few times a week. Pick a room where you want to start and use the ‘three box’ method: keep, toss, store. Your ‘keep’ box should be filled with items you intend to keep and can be packed in preparation for the move. For everything in the ‘toss box,’ just dump it. Anything in your ‘store’ box could be placed in storage or garage for time being. If you end up storing valuable items in the garage or shed, you may want to look into some kind of outdoor security camera. There are buying guides all over the internet where you can look for one that fits your budget.

Limit the Space

This rule has worked for me and everyone I’ve told. Only keep the books that fit on the bookshelf. Only keep yarn that fits in the bins. Only keep the greeting cards that fit in the box you designate. This works especially well for clothes. If you’re like me you have way too many clothes. Only keep the clothes that fit inside your closet and drawers and that you wear frequently. Everything else can be donated or thrown away. 

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