Plumbing Projects: When You Can Fix It And When To Leave It To The Professionals

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When you find yourself with a plumbing problem, you must determine whether you can easily fix this problem yourself or if you need professional help. If you try to fix a complicated plumbing issue with inadequate experience, knowledge and tools, you may just make the problem worse and more expensive to repair later. However, if you can take care of the simplest plumbing problems without hiring a professional plumber, you can save money.

Do-It-Yourself Solutions

Slow Drains

If a sink or tub is draining slowly, the drain is probably clogged. Fixing a clogged drain can be a messy, unpleasant chore, but it is by no means difficult. All you must do is remove the stopper and pull out all of the debris in the drain. To make this chore easier, you can buy a plumbing tool called a “Zip-it.” Alternately, you can undo the U-shaped pipe joint under the sink and remove whatever has clogged the pipes. Use drain cleaner to help clear anything else and make it an easier task.

Low Water Pressure

Often, mineral deposits can cause low water pressure in a faucet or shower head. First, turn off the water to the sink. Then, unscrew the head of the faucet or shower, clean it out, and put it back. This will solve many low-pressure problems. You may need special cleaners to dissolve hard water deposits in the head of the faucet.

Dripping Faucet

The annoying dripping can be fixed easily without calling a plumber. Simply replace the cartridge in the faucet head, and the dripping will stop. Older faucets may just need an inexpensive rubber washer installed.

When to Call a Plumber

Leaking Pipes

If your pipes are leaking, do not try to fix them yourself. Trying to fix a leaky pipe without knowing what you are doing is a sure way to trigger a disaster. You could break the pipe and be flooded with water. You will probably do more damage than good, and you will end up calling a plumber by the end of the day anyway.

Sewage Back-Ups

If sewage is backing up into the house through any of your drains, immediately call your plumber and do not run any water or flush any toilets in the house. This can indicate that the main sewage line leading from your home is blocked. You’ll definitely need a plumber for this repair.

Shower Valve Issues

If your shower is constantly dripping or you’re having a hard time regulating the temperature in your shower, the valve probably needs to be replaced. This repair is pretty complicated. Different brands of faucets need different cartridges, and sometimes just figuring out how to disassemble the old faucet can stump experienced do-it-yourselfers. Do yourself a favor and call the plumber for this type of repair.

By fixing the small problems yourself, you will be able to save money that you may need when a large plumbing problem arises. By discerning which problems are simple and which are complicated, you will make sure that your home will have a working plumbing system for years to come.

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