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Caged Ladders: Important for Workers’ Safety

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Ladders are one of the most common things to be found in every business. Mostly, businesses have fixed ladders that are used by workers to do some tasks at height.

No doubt ladders are found everywhere –  at houses, around streets, and many other places but mostly they are used in businesses like construction sites, oil and gas refinaries, and some industrial sites where workers are required to work at height. Working at height on ladders is quite risky and can prove fatal to worker’s life.

That’s why many years ago fixed ladders with cages around them were developed to prevent fall back of workers and provide them safety while working at height.

Caged ladders were developed with an aim if by any chance worker slips or falls while climbing a fixed ladder, then the cage will keep the worker close to balance himself again by catching rings of ladder. In this way, he will be able to safeguard himself from serious injury.

Caged ladders are different from normal ladders, so we are taking into consideration, why and how these are different.

What are They?

Cages attached to ladders, especially very long ladders, are an extension that is installed for fall protection. These caged ladders are specially made like an extra guardrail at a height that could be dangerous.

After a certain height, these cages provide a surrounding cage with rails that help a worker to gain balance in case there is a chance of them slipping down. These fall under the category of ladders that are part of the Fall Protection measures taken by the employers for their workers’ protection.

Highlights of Official Guidelines

Work Health and Safety and Occupational Health and Safety (WHS/OHS) is an organization that is responsible for maintaining and managing the risks and safety of the people who are part of any workplace. This is a governing body that issues safety guidelines concerning workers, suppliers as well as visitors to a certain workplace.

In order to install and use caged ladders, there are certain criteria that has to be met. Only after proper inspection by an OHS official, a place can use cages on ladders.

A Problematic Solution?

Though ladders are an indispensable part of any kind of workplace, it has to be remembered that ladders should not be considered as an option at all.

Fixed ladders are safer than portable ladders, which have wheels attached to them. However, fixed ladders even when they are caged ladders, have a lot of associated hazards with them.

Accidents do not happen when one is expecting them. So there is always an additional reason to be careful. In a fraction of second, there can be a slip and fall incident which can prove fatal in worst-case scenario.

According to Part 3.3 (Prevention of Falls) of the OHS Regulations of 2017, more attention has to be paid regarding the safety of workers working at a height of above two meters as this is the height where maximum number of accidental deaths occur.

It has to be noted that ladders are usually considered a safety hazard, especially in crowded places. Ladders, even caged ladders are supposed to be used only as a last resort.

It is a duty of every employer to ensure the safety and well-being of its employees. In order to avoid any kind of unfortunate incidents, proper safety guidelines need to be imposed and followed.

Is There an Alternative?

One of the most important alternative of using portable ladders is, using caged ladders or step ladders in place of portable ones. This, along with associated safety and fall prevention measures is the best idea to ensure the well-being of all workers, who are the actual builders of a country.

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