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Advantages of Civil Asphalt Works for Construction Purposes

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asphalt pavers

Asphalt is a popular building material that is widely used for paving roads, driveways, and parking spaces. It is gaining fast popularity over concrete nowadays for many reasons. This sticky semi-solid product is also called bitumen, which is found from petroleum and commonly termed as pitch. Now, civil asphalt works are preferred by most of the builders, for constructing entranceways and garden paths at the properties of their clients.

There are many benefits of using asphalt, due to which it becomes the first choice for constructing pavements.

Asphalt is made with aggregate. Its binding agent is bitumen, a dark, sticky substance derived from crude oil. Roads, parking lots or driveways are now mainly constructed using asphalt. Hot asphalt (bitumen mixed with fine aggregate) is poured onto a bed of heavier aggregate and then pressed into it with a steamroller. It is extremely hard and durable and provides better safety to the vehicle.

Notable Reasons for Using Civil Asphalt Works

  • Faster construction –  Despite being highly viscous liquid, asphalt dries up speedily when laid over the pavements. Thus, builders can complete their construction projects much faster due to this aspect of civil asphalt works. Much time is saved when the asphalt is used for road constructions, compared to the concrete surfaces. Cars can start moving over the asphalt surfaces, as soon as the functions of rollers are over there.  It provides safer roads for the travelling public without causing delays.
  • Provides safer surface – The roads are much smoother when built with asphalt, due to the multiple layers of this material.  Despite this smoothness, asphalt road surfaces offer a large amount of friction to the rolling tyres of all vehicles.  Thus, it is much safer to drive over asphalt roads than the concrete ones, as there is a lesser risk of skidding of the tyres, mainly when the roads are wet due to rains or melted snow. Moreover, lesser potholes are found in asphalt road surfaces, which reduce the risks of accidents of speedily driving vehicles. So most of the highways are now made of civil asphalt works.
  • Needs lesser energy – When asphalt is produced for road or pavement constructions, it involves the minimum amount of energy consumption. High temperature is not needed for paving with asphalt, which is the main factor in saving fuel. A very little amount of heat needs to be supplied to the mixture of asphalt, sand, and powdered natural stones, to prepare the bitumen of desired thickness for civil asphalt construction.  Pavements made in low temperatures, help in reducing energy consumption used for construction purposes. 
  • Better for the environment – Since asphalt mixture is made of all-natural elements, there is no emission of greenhouse gas in this construction process. Therefore, civil asphalt works are considered to be friendly for the surrounding environment, as air pollution is the least from these constructions. Moreover, asphalt is a recyclable material, for which petroleum consumption is lesser for the production of this useful building material. Thus, it is known to be a greener material that is beneficial for our planet, as this reusable substance saves natural resources.
  • Lesser construction cost – Though petroleum is a costly substance, asphalt is widely available in the market at more affordable prices. As asphalt is fit for use in all climatic conditions, it can be used for road constructions all over the world. The low cost of this material encourages all builders to use it also for constructing private driveways and pathways in residential properties of their clients. Asphalt surfaces are more durable and less likely to form holes very soon, for which there is a lesser need for repairs of these pavements  shortly. Hence, civil asphalt works are more cost-effective choices for builders and property owners. Asphalt dries quickly, it helps to complete the construction process of pavements and roads quickly, saving time and money.

All these above mentioned benefits of asphalt have made this substance so popular for constructions of roads and pavements. It is one of the sturdiest building materials that may be a universal choice in all public and private properties of the world. However, an experienced asphalt contractor should be hired for such paving jobs, to make the best use of the asphalt in constructions. It is seen that asphalt roads last for many years, which are now constructed with the latest technology.

image credit: Pixabay

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