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How to Organize a Bar in Your New Home

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You always thought how cool it would be to have a bar in your own house. There is a great variety of cut-to-measure materials you can choose from nowadays, and with the right tools you can design and make a bar that meets your desires and possibilities. It has never been easier to perform a DIY project like this, but you will have to put some effort and time into it. In this article, you are provided with a few practical hints on how to make a proper household bar.


Picking the right spot for the bar is the first thing you need to do. Your movement should be unobstructed, with enough space both in front and behind the bar counter. If you have a two-floor house, consider putting it in the ground floor, so you will not waste time on frequently carrying drinks or tools (during the building process) up and down. Another good choice is a spot next to a window. When the atmosphere heats up and gets smoky, you will be able to get some fresh air.


First things first. Firstly, you need enough space behind the counter. You do not want to spill drinks, bump into things, or feel cramped. Next, see how high are the bar stools you plan to use. The stool and bar height should be proportional, otherwise the stools will be completely nonfunctional. Make the bar as long as the space allows it.

Material & Protection

The most practical and most often used material for building a home bar is wood. It is easy to work with, and you can choose from a variety of types, designs, and patterns. The selection is so large that you will have no problem in finding the one that matches your room interior design perfectly.

The most practical bar solution is using wooden frames for the sides, and custom made pre-cut panels for the cover. Contact one of your local wood stores for the material. Go with solid wood for the cover panel. Be thorough and patient when building it, step by step, after you gather all the necessary materials and tools.

The bar (especially the wooden countertop) has to be protected with primer and waterproof lacquer. Drinks are going to get spilled for sure, and you want to make your bar durable. Make sure the whole countertop is thoroughly covered with high quality wood protection coating, and fully dried, before you start using it.

Bottle and Glass Storage

If you think that you do not need it, than you are not planning to have a serious bar. A suitable storage is most commonly placed under the countertop. However, in a recent chat with the guys who own and operate Bottle-O, I learned that a more convenient glass and bottle storage solution is a hanging rack. By installing a hanging rack, you will not have to crouch or bend over every time you need another glass or bottle, as you would have to do with an under-counter storage. This sequence of movement increases the risk of breaking something.

Minimize Spilling

There are two ways to prevent frequent drink spillage and to minimize the contact of your bar with spilled beverages. Apart from being careful, you can use an accessory called drip tray, which keeps the spills from touching the wooden surface. The second way is bar molding. It is designed to prevent the spill to flow over the edge of your bar and spread around.


Go with dimmable lights, because they can be adjusted according to various types of occasions. If you plan to spend a romantic evening with your partner, drinking wine, then you would want the lights to be dimmed. A highly illuminated, center-of-the-action bar is perfect for larger and more dynamic parties.

Anything you want to do can be achieved with some creativity, determination, and effort. Just make sure you measure everything properly, use good quality wood, and do not forget to protect it. Be patient and take your time, for a stylish and durable bar. Have you succeeded? I will have an Irish coffee then, thank you.

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