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Closet Clear Out: Organization Tips for Your Nooks and Crannies

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Our closets are often those private places that quickly become messiest. Getting organized in your nooks and crannies is easier with some smart storage as well as the right tools and strategies. Tools such as containers, hangers, and an effective closet system are critical, and strategies include a cleaning time-frame to keep the closet neat. Without digging into your wallet or precious time, use these tips to help clean up your closet space.


While this may be a short section, it is the most important. A good set of hangers will keep any closet looking well-organized. There are a variety to use with different types of fabric. For example, wooden hangers are best for maintaining the integrity of any fabric, as well as heavier items such as coats. Plastic ones are generic, but can accommodate most every other fabric. Make sure you have a few of each kind to take care of all your clothes. Now, factor in a minimal cost at retailers such as Target where you can get online discounts from discountrue or in-store savings from cut out coupons.


Containers can often be re-purposed from abandoned or underused ones throughout the home. In addition, while out shopping for hangers, consider picking up the few baskets or totes that may be needed. Bins and baskets used appropriately can de-clutter, and add a bit of decorative style to shelving space. Items such as things to donate, wash, or need to go to the cleaners should have their own container or laundry basket. Add more flair by getting some in a myriad of shapes that tuck nicely into corners and small spaces. Baskets also handle the job, but opt for smaller ones that can slide under any shelf to store accessories.

Closet System

After organizing, visualize the finished product for your available closet space. Start by measuring, followed by assessing what is currently in place. You don’t have to do a complete overhaul or spend a lot of money. If you have lots of items to hang and need more space for them, consider folding or using drawers for extra storage. Tons of shoes will require shelves and racks, but don’t get hung up here. You can often use totes and store shoes outside the closet or in other corners of your room. A system that takes into account shoes wins half the clutter battle.


This strategy will keep all the hard work from organizing, along with the closet system investment in-tact. The secret is the frequency of your maintenance. For example, you might take 15 minutes weekly to ensure things are on hangers, shoes are in place, and to clear out the bins. Although, depending on the amount in the donation bin you can wait for the quarterly clean-up. When it is time for sweaters or bathing suits, it is time to de-clutter and re-organize as you switch out seasonal wear.

Cleaning up your closet is as simple as a bit of reorganization and some tips for maintenance strategies. You don’t have to let your whole space become a mess every year. Just use some common sense and a bit of organization to get your nooks and crannies in tip top shape.

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