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How to Make Your New Home More Secure

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After you have moved to a new neighborhood, one of the first things you need to do is make sure your home is safe and secured. Since you do not know anyone here, the thread is bigger and more serious. You are not aware where burglars hide, how they inspect your property, which way they can come in – in short, you are a vulnerable and ideal victim of an expert burglar. There are a number of ways to protect your new home from a break-in, so here are some of the methods that have been proven effective and that can help you as well.

Meet Your Neighbors

No matter what you think about your neighbors, they are an immense value when it comes to protecting your home against intruders. This is especially true for people who have been friends for a long time, so as soon as you move into a new neighborhood, get acquainted with the people around you.

That way, you will introduce yourself, start forming a circle of friends and get yourself a completely free anti-burglar system. Moreover, joining a local neighborhood watch is an even better and more effective idea.

Be Discreet

The problem with social networks today is that more and more people write things like “Off to holiday” or “Just arrived to Jamaica” thus letting all the world know that they are out of their homes. In other words, advertizing your trips on Facebook might sound exciting, but criminals use social media to track your whereabouts. So, instead of bragging beforehand, post pictures after you have returned home.

Additionally, there are a couple of tricks to make your new home seem occupied while you are away. Ask someone to pick your mail, trim your hedges, mown your lawn and feed your dog. That way, nobody will know that your house is empty and it will not become an easy target.

Reinforcement, Part One

Unfortunately, while you can try to keep intruders out of your home, you can never be sure that they will not set their minds on it eventually. They can be distracted for a while, but keep in mind that they are more cunning than we think. Therefore, many people reinforce their doors and locks, just to be extra safe.

Reinforcing your front doors is a DIY project that will certainly make you feel much calmer and safer. All you need are a couple of new hinges, door shields, long screws and some free time. Of course, hiring a professional to do this job is even better, so do that if you can afford it.

Reinforcement, Part Two

Having burglar-proof doors mean nothing if your locks are worthless and outdated. In a recent chat with the people who own and operate Apex Locksmiths, it was brought to my attention that cheap and inefficient locks are a home invader’s dream.

This is why you should focus on locks as well and think of them as the weakest points of your new home. Reinforcing your front doors with a trustworthy deadbolt lock is sure to make every burglar question his breaking-in skills and simply move onto the next house. More secure entrances are harder to penetrate and no criminal is going to waste precious time on your high quality lock.

Bring Out the Big Guns

Another idea that most people take into consideration when protecting their property is a surveillance system. In this day and age, any method that will keep you safe is good, so it is not surprising that installing cameras is becoming increasingly popular – a good surveillance system is even more effective than a guard dog

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