Property Management: How Online Leasing Can Benefit Your Real Estate Business

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Being in the real estate industry can sometimes be tough. However, there is one way to make things easier that you may have not thought of. You can do so by using online leasing. Doing your leasing online can make things more convenient for you and for your current and potential tenants. It will also allow you to keep better track of all of your tenant records and contracts. Below are some ways online leasing can benefit your real estate business.

1. It Is Compatible with Mobile Devices

If you implement online leasing, you aren’t limited to only viewing documentation and showing it to potential renters on a standard desktop or laptop computer. Instead, you can do so with a smart phone or tablet. A property manager can use such software to pre-populate a lease agreement with a specific person’s application information, show it to them on a smart phone or tablet and then ask for digital signature with the use of a stylus. It’s a very simple straight forward process that can save a lot of time and effort.

2. It Eliminates Paperwork from the Process

If you have been in the real estate business for a long time, then you know how annoying paperwork can be. It often takes longer and it is much harder to keep organized. The use of online leasing also has the benefit of eliminating all the paperwork from the process. This doesn’t only benefit real estate agents by helping the environment. You won’t have to have a separate meeting to execute those paper documents. They can be produced instantly by the program. This can save time. It also insures that the customer won’t be able to leave and examine other renting possibilities in the meantime. You can also save any documents or records electronically rather than having to file them away in that messy filing cabinet.

3. Files Are Much Easier to Manage

If you implement property management software with online leasing features from a company like Rentec Direct, another thing you can take advantage of is online file management. Storing paperwork in file cabinets can be a hassle. Retrieving a document when you need it can be even more frustrating. If you can’t find a specific document, you may be in trouble. However, property management software can allow you to back up all your important documents so they never disappear. Better yet, you can retrieve them almost instantly.

4. Lease Customization

Another great benefit is the fact you don’t have to go back and create a different lease agreement for every situation in which you need significant alterations from your usual lease agreement. Online leasing allows you to implement multiple templates that can be easily altered to meet your needs with just a few clicks. This can save you hours of hard work that would have to be spent to create the proper documents and contracts without the use of leasing software.

Overall, computer software and apps have made plenty of kinds of office work far easier to complete. Certainly take advantage of technology to make your real estate business more efficient.

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