Step 2: Searching Homes

finding your home
Your 2nd step is searching and finding the home to buy
Begin your search online. Then use the services of an agent to work on your behalf to negotiate the contract and arrange closing and settlement.


use our directory to search real estate listings, FSBO, foreclosures, new construction and classified ads:

use a real estate agent to help find, arrange viewing and negotiate on your behalf:

  • About Home Location
    your home location is an important factor on deciding which home to buy. Buying is a good location will keep your home value up:
    what you need to know about location

  • Home Architectural Styles
    do you have a particular home style that you like. View the history and design of home architectural styles:
    view home architectural styles

download and print our 1-page home buying map. It summarizes the tep-by-step process in buying a home:

keep track of the homes you search on- and off-line: