Rain, Snow, or Shine: Ways to Make Sure Your Roof is Ready for Any Weather

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When it comes to home maintenance, an ounce of prevention is worth at least a pound of cure, especially when it comes to roofs. The roof has full exposure to all the weather twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. When it’s compromised, and gains a leak or other damage, the damage may not be limited to the roof. It can affect the attic and virtually every home component beneath it. Here are some tips for maintaining your roof.

Missing Shingles

Strong winds are the primary cause of missing or broken shingles, which allows moisture to seep into the underlayment of the roof. It’s a good idea to walk around your home, especially after a windy event, to inspect the roof and the nearby ground for loose shingles. Replacing lost shingles promptly will prevent damage to the underlayment and keep the roof deck dry.

Cracked Tiles

Tile roofs are the most durable of all roofing types, but their one weakness is that they are prone to cracking. A cracked or broken tile is just as hazardous to the roof as a missing shingle with regard to water damage. Cracks allow water to seep into your home and effect things like installation and the home’s wood framing. Repair cracked tiles as soon as you discover them.


Whether the leaks come from missing shingles or protrusions like skylights, vent stacks, flues and chimneys, roof leaks need to be fixed as soon as they’re discovered. When a roof leaks, the water prompts mold growth, which will eventually rot anything it grows on, including fiberglass insulation.

Should the rainwater spread during a storm, it can soak through the roof and into your home’s ceilings. Replacing drywall and repainting are big projects, and there may also be damage to the flooring and furniture.

Flat Roof Maintenance

Although flat roofs don’t experience the same kinds of stress from strong winds that shingled roofs do, their coatings need more attention than any other kind of roofing material. It’s a good idea to schedule an inspection from a roofing professional every few years. Exposure to sunlight and the rains wear the coatings on flat roofs over time, and they need periodic applications to prevent cracking and ponding.

Soffits and Fascia

If you’ve been buzz bombed by flying black beetles that hover around your head, you may have carpenter bees in your neighborhood. Active in the spring and early summer, these bees are looking for wood in which to burrow and lay their eggs. The holes they leave behind lets moisture enter.

Fascia may also be damaged by clogged gutters that hold moisture instead of letting rainwater drain freely. The constant contact with damp vegetation sets the stage for mold growth and wood rot.

Wrapping It up

A roof that’s well maintained will last longer and provide the protection from water damage all homes need. Although the roof may be out of sight, giving it the attention it requires and tending to the attention it requires will keep it intact for decades.

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