Spring Brings Rain: How to Keep Water From Flooding Your Driveway

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flooded driveway

A flooded driveway poses a lot of problems to your home. It also presents a breeding ground for mosquitos and disease. Here are some ways to keep that water from flooding your driveway.

Install a Pumping System

Having a pumping system can redirect that water into a safer location. There are a variety of ways that you can set this up. The best way is to purchase a pump that connects to a garden hose. This will allow you to direct the water to a drain or back into the street. Another thing to make sure that you have installed is a GFCI outlet either outside or in your garage. This will allow you to protect your home from the rain water.

Modify the Landscaping

If your driveway sits at a low point on your property, this may be causing the water to run towards your home. You may be able to solve this problem by changing the level of the surrounding landscaping. Another solution is to dig a small trench on either side of your driveway. These will act as gutters to redirect the water to another area. Some driveways slope towards the house. You may have to come up with a creative solution to stop the water from collecting on your driveway.

Use Sandbags

Many people use sandbags to prevent water from getting into undesirable areas. This is one solution if your driveway slopes in such a manner. This is only a temporary solution. It may even render your driveway unusable until the rainy season has passed. You may be able to line your driveway with sandbags to keep the water from entering it from the sides. This stop gap measure will be unattractive until you can come up with a more permanent fix.

Get a New Driveway

A new driveway may be the ultimate solution to your flooding problems. A paving company can change how your driveway slopes to prevent future flooding or ponding issues. They may even install a drain so that the water has someplace to go during heavy rains. Make sure to go with a company that will use the proper base materials. This can prevent your driveway from settling over the years. Settling may have been the original cause of your driveway problems.

Flooding or driveway ponding can cause damage to your home or your vehicles. Look into other ways to redirect the water. You may need to replace the driveway to solve this problem.

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